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'Samurai Jack - XCIV' TV review

Damn am I’m glad Samurai Jack is back. The episodes this season have gotten better and better. Not to mention the transition from a kids show to an adult one. 672 more words


'Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 1, The Rickshank Rickdemption.' TV Review

Wow, like everyone else I did not see this coming. A season premiere at the tail end of April Fools. Also it kept going about 10 times in a row. 515 more words


Anonymous Adventures at Williams St. - Welcome

Many of you maybe wondering, what is Williams Street? Well, if you’re not, then pretend you are and don’t spoil it for the others.

When I tell people I work for Adult Swim, the first response I get is, “It must be fun to work there.” Well, I have news for you, it is fun. 310 more words


Samurai Jack Season 5 is Back | Adult Swim

After 12 years the visual treat Samurai Jack is back and good gracious is it still glorious. The series is now much darker as Jack has wandered around Aku’s land for 50 years haunted and tortured by his incomplete mission. 44 more words

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Jack is Back.

Samurai Jack is returning to adult swim on March 11th, the excitement is REAL!!! It has got the be the epitome of a classic action cartoon, aimed at young boys. 386 more words


Deconstructing the new Samurai Jack trailer

I’m getting tingles down my spine as the March 11th premiere of Samurai Jack nears, and today we were given a glimpse of the show. 1,479 more words



Fish Center Live came back from their holiday reruns on my birthday, so I ended up missing about 3 shows. I honestly expected them to take the rest of the week off, but I guess there is no rest for the fishes. 68 more words

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