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Anime Discovery 2015: GANTZ - #130

Life’s a bitch when you die and that’s why people are forced to play this game that might make your death even worse than before and you notice a lot of fucked-up shit in there, too. 826 more words


Episode 27: Kiss Me Sweet-Sakura Wars (TV)

In Today’s Episode Nate takes a look at one of the most famous anime/Game franchises in japan. A franchise featuring Takurazuka performers piloting robots to save Japan from Demons! 35 more words

2000s Anime

Otakutober: My Review of Elfen Lied!

Ever since mankind perfected the art of starting fires, we’ve been at the top of the food chain. We’ve used weapons to make up for our lack of claws, and we’ve built houses to make up for our lack of immunity to the elements. 2,292 more words


I'm no reptile...!


Realm: Unnamed (Presumed to be stereotypical fantasy world)
Featured In: Dragon Half (1988-1994)
Voiced By: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese) & Jessica Calvello (English)

Admittedly, Dragon Half… 1,053 more words

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FAKKU Is on The Right Side of History

We’ve all heard the news. ANN reported that the popular erotic manga scanlation distributor, FAKKU, is going legit! Well, not exactly, according to Jacob Grady, Fakku’s founder and central figure of worship, who recently struck a deal with Wanimagazine, a publisher of many erotic comics and magazine labels. 744 more words


Voices of a Distant Star

Welcome to June or Shinkai month, here on the blog. today we’re gonna start with his first project, an OVA called Voices of a Distant Star. 740 more words