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Anime Discovery 2016: EXCEL Saga - #153

I………..I’m bewildered and yet intrigued by this. I feel like I’m lost in a crazy spiral drug filled adventure and I’m not just saying that because I’m on antibiotics as of now (long story, tooth pulled out). 1,193 more words


My Review of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie!

It’s been a long time since humanity unlocked the barrier between us and the infinite cosmos, truly becoming a member of the interstellar community… Hell, you know it’s been a long time when aliens have even become commonplace in a racially exclusive country like Japan… And they’ve become such a normal part of our everyday lives that nobody questions the slug monster sitting in the seat in the back by the window, just waiting to star in his own anime. 3,481 more words


Sakura Diaries

It’s sometime in the late ’90s. I’m standing in the anime section at the soon-to-defunct Sam Goody. I am an awkward teenager whose libido rages at a more critical level than most, and right now I am transfixed by a VHS tape I’ve found on the shelf. 980 more words