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Long gone

I haven’t posted in quite some time now, but I’m looking to revive this blog. I sold my S14 to my buddy last year and he’s been making it look better. 39 more words


The Baddest Grocery Getter: 420HP Forester STi

The Subaru Forester, a name rarely spoken around the spectrum of car enthusiasts. I mean, lets be honest, this car sits three feet off the ground from the factory, comes with standard fog lights and roof racks, clearly not a sign of a car enthusiast’s dream. 171 more words


Original Runduce Imprezas

It doesn’t get much better than these classics, the Original Runduce GDBs.

It’s a coin toss as to which car is better. Where looks are concerned, it’s hard to argue against Voltex aero, but the STI in the foreground is sporting a very unique and slightly insane 500 HP HKS twin-turbo EJ25. 42 more words


Advan Keluarkan Star Note S55 Harga 1 jutaan Bersama JKT48

Setelah Maret lalu merilis produk smartphone teranyarnya. Kembali, Advan meluncurkan produk smartphone unggulannya Advan Star Note S55, Kamis (23/4).

Yakobus, Product Manager Advan menjelaskan, Note S55 merupakan pengembangan dari produk sebelumnya, Advan Star Note S5L. 136 more words

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