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“Augmented knowledge” using machine learning

The digital revolution requires an ever-increasing number of repetitive and targeted decisions.

The digital revolution is faster and more comprehensive than the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the last century. 781 more words

Advanced Analytics

Simulate data for a linear regression model

This article shows how to simulate a data set in SAS that satisfies a least squares regression model for continuous variables.

When you simulate to create “synthetic” (or “fake”) data, you (the programmer) control the true parameter values, the form of the model, the sample size, and magnitude of the error term. 759 more words

Advanced Analytics

Finding Trends in Traces with Smart Data Analytics

Keeping Track of Your Service Health

As a service owner, finding subtle issues in your application before they become major live site incidents could be the difference between a quiet night and a sleepless one, and between a happy customer and very unhappy one. 1,517 more words

Advanced Analytics

Top 10 MSBI Enhancements for 2017

A Quick Look Back at 2016: Banner Year for MSBI

2016 was a great year for the MS data platform – for customers, partners, and just MSBI developers and data enthusiasts generally. 1,819 more words

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The military needs better control of its data. Can you help?

The military’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) is a weapons system that produces military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to multiple military branches and government agencies. It’s a… 436 more words

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Cortana Intelligence Suite

Cortana Intelligence Suite (formerly known as Cortana Analytics Suite) is a fully managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics suite to transform data into intelligent action. It is a collection of technologies, all part of the Microsoft Azure cloud offering. 70 more words