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Conformed Dimension and Data Mining

I believe that Conformed Dimensions are playing a key roles in data mining.  Here is why: 268 more words

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Does Gender Matter in BI Salaries?

As a female and a feminist who has worked in male-dominated fields for most of my career, what immediately caught my eye when reading the most recent TDWI Salary Survey report was the on-going pay disparity between women and men in BI. 53 more words

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Why Use Data Mining with Data Warehouse?

1. Use the data warehouse data as the training set

Data Mining requires the training data to train the learning algorithm.  The data warehoucing processes provide the following services: 315 more words

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From Puck Luck to Big Data: The Advanced Analytics Revolution in the NHL

The job of an NHL organization’s front office is to win a Stanley Cup Championship. If a bunch of mathematicians could help a team achieve that goal, how would their involvement change the experience of the game? 915 more words


What you don't know about Big Data and Advanced Analytics can't Hurt you ........ unless it involves Money

Reframing the role of an Information Scientist

My first encounter with artificial intelligence was at the Museum of Science in Boston.  They had this Tic-Tac-Toe machine and you couldn’t beat it.  1,761 more words

Innovation Potential And Challenges

Watson Ecosystem Explained

IBM will publish a cookbook with the Institute of Culinary Education in April 2015. Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson includes 65 recipes invented by ‘Chef Watson’. 703 more words