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Project Management: Why Cost Overruns and Late Delivery?

Why over 90% of projects finish late? There is plenty of literature on the subject. This is a good example. In multi-project environments, such as the one illustrated below things can get very complex as project share resources (financial, manpower, equipment, etc.). 507 more words


The 10 Most Important "Laws" of Marketing Measurement

It’s gratifying to see how marketing measurement has become so pervasive in just the last 10 years. You can barely get through an article on any aspect of marketing these days without seeing “ROI” or “metrics” at least 3 times. 930 more words

Automatización y personalización: un reto para el marketing

El marketing está en un momento entre crítico y de ciencia ficción, que se manifiesta en el profundo malestar que el cliente siente cuando un robot/computadora automatizada intenta hacerse pasar por las personas que hay detrás de un negocio. 907 more words

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"Marketing analytics", un gasto más si no hay accesibilidad

El “marketing analytics” se está convirtiendo en un gran negocio. Con la promesa de mejorar la precisión y el rendimiento, los llamados análisis avanzados (“advanced analysis”) y el Big Data están acaparando una parte destacable y creciente de los presupuestos de marketing de las organizaciones. 596 more words

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IDC Predicts a DX Economy

IDC today announced its worldwide information technology (IT) industry predictions for 2016 and beyond. The predictions were published in a new IDC FutureScape report. As we embrace the notion of… 442 more words

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Aviso Brings Advanced Analytics And Machine Learning To Sales Operations With Launch Of Its Virtual Sales War Room

On October 21, Aviso announced the release of the Aviso Virtual Sales War Room, a platform that delivers granular sales analytics to help sales leaders achieve their goals. 214 more words


Integrated Analytics Approach to Rural Development

The benefits of big data are not only transforming the businesses in the urban areas but also they can be equally extended to the rural parts of the country. 1,539 more words

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