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June 5th's LA Marketing Analytics Group -The Value of Fan Engagement w/ Claudio Ludovisi

Join us June 5th to hear Claudio Ludovisi discuss The Value of Fan Engagement.

Claudio has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. 79 more words

Advanced Analytics

May 15th's Seattle Marketing Analytics Group - Practical CLV for Marketing Optimization w/ Pip Courbois of Groupon

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a proven tool for optimizing customer-acquisition and -lifecycle growth. However, CLV is often deemed out of reach for many marketing teams because of the cost of outsourcing it and lack of internal expertise. 108 more words

Marketing Data Integration

Case Study: Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics to Identify High CLTV Segments

Business Objective

A subscription based clothing e-tailer in Los Angeles had been collecting lots of potentially insightful information on their customers, but they had not yet been able to mine this data and extract the desired insights to optimize their marketing channel performance and drive the business forward. 828 more words

Marketing Analytics

Building a Better Data Driven Organization

Marketing organizations today know they need to implement data driven decision-making processes to drive greater ROI in their sales and marketing investments, improve customer engagement and optimize overall growth and profitability.  373 more words


April 17th's Seattle Mktg Analytics Group - Building a Data Oriented Marketing Team - Gavin Warrener of T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a very successful consumer business and a slick consumer marketing team that drives “Un-Carrier” moves that are increasing net new customers by 1 million or more a quarter. 114 more words

Data Analytics

Implementing 80/20 Logic in Your Power BI Analysis

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Another name for it is the 80/20 Rule. The rule stipulates that for every 20% of something, you’ll generally receive 80% of the results. 234 more words

Power BI

Customer Attrition Analysis - Advanced DAX in Power BI

We’re going to get advanced today. We’re going to really dive deep into customer churn: new customer and lost customer analysis.

Now another name for this is… 463 more words

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