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Why do stacked ensemble models win data science competitions?

Ensemble methods are commonly used to boost predictive accuracy by combining the predictions of multiple machine learning models. The traditional wisdom has been to combine so-called “weak” learners. 1,213 more words

Advanced Analytics

Supporting and enabling tax authorities: the role of advanced analytics

Tax authorities may not be everyone’s favourite organisations. But around the world, they have a key role in collecting revenues that enable governments to spend money on essential public services. 783 more words

Advanced Analytics

Data: How much is enough, before you start using it?

If you are a senior leader in an organization, or have been a business manager or even the Finance guy, you have often discussed the lack of data in decision making. 327 more words

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Snowflake and Spark, Part 2: Pushing Spark Query Processing to Snowflake

Here is the latest post on using Spark and the Snowflake cloud-native data warehouse.

Welcome to the second post in our ongoing blog series describing Snowflake’s integration with Spark. 118 more words

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Getting started with SGPLOT - Part 2 - VBAR

One of the most popular and useful graph types is the Bar Chart. The SGPLOT procedure supports many types of bar charts, each suitable for some specific use case. 2,022 more words


Big Data: Making It Big For E-Commerce Retailers

The benefits of Big Data analytics for online businesses make the technology a worthy investment, and tapping into the expertise of qualified professionals helps retailers get the most advantage from it. 61 more words

Regression with restricted cubic splines in SAS

Restricted cubic splines are a powerful technique for modeling nonlinear relationships by using linear regression models. I have attended multiple SAS Global Forum presentations that show how to use restricted cubic splines in SAS regression procedures. 1,411 more words

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