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A customizable framework

In this post I want to describe a problem my colleagues have faced a couple of times recently, and show how it can be solved with C++. 3,676 more words


Overload resolution

This post is an introduction to another one that I intend to write in the future. The goal of this one is to go over the concepts of function template specialization, function (template) overloading, argument dependent lookup (ADL) and overload resolution. 2,790 more words


A conditional copy constructor

In this post we will try to define a ‘wrapper’ class template that does or does not have a copy constructor depending on whether the wrapped class has it. 2,633 more words


Clever overloading

This post is intended to be a light introduction to certain C++ guru tricks. I want to introduce a couple of concepts that typically put normal people off. 2,764 more words


Tuple - dobro czy zło?

Tuple. Dobro czy zło? Subiektywizm każe mi powiedzieć, że straszne zło. Obiektywizm – zło umiarkowane/neutralność.

Zamysłem przy tworzeniu Tuple było ułatwienie zagnieżdżania struktur. Na papierze wygląda nieźle, natomiast jest bardzo  nadużywane w projektach, co czyni je nieczytelnymi. 269 more words

Maciej Jędrzejewski

Too perfect forwarding

Update. One of the readers informed me that the same problem has been already described by R. Martinho Fernandes (see here), Eric Niebler ( 1,813 more words


Design Patterns - Facade

Facade is one of design patterns which are used most frequently. To explain what it is and how to use it, we can compare it to a black box. 520 more words