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Is a post-baccalaureate certificate right for you?

When most college students consider the term “graduate education,” they typically think of MAs and Ph.D.s. However, for students seeking a post-baccalaureate education without the multiple-year commitment of such graduate school options, a post-baccalaureate certificate is a promising option. 629 more words


International students earn more than half of advanced STEM degrees in the U.S.

For Yashwanth Kumar, studying in America has always been his dream.

After receiving his undergraduate degree at Anna University in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, he is now a graduate student at Arizona State University pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. 462 more words


From PhD to Burger King: Why Did My Life Turn Out This Way?

I met a woman at leadership conference in April and her story intrigued me. Like me, she graduate top of her class from Spelman College. She discovered the field of public health during her academic journey and threw herself into the field. 817 more words

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Congrats, Nichole!

Congratulations to Fall ’11 Nichole Abla on her acceptance to the Masters program at the best biomedical engineering school in the nation, Georgia Tech! YGG! We are all so proud of you. 7 more words

The Reset

I firmly believe that some of the absolute best things are birthed from the most ridiculously painful times in your life. People, circumstances and situations can and will destroy you and your life at any given time. 449 more words

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Compliment Sandwich

Compliment Sandwich – Have you ever had the pleasure of trying one?

SPOILER: They don’t taste good!

Compliment Sandwich, “When someone tries to ease the blow of a criticism by delivering it between two insincere compliments.” 299 more words


A Career Crisis for Our Kids

Note: This post is mostly about children who plan to go to college…college is NOT the answer for all children, and we parents must be open to the different paths our children choose, even if they are not the ones that align with our dreams for them. 757 more words

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