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D&D 5E – Old School and Skills

Last week, I talked about using the D&D fifth edition rules to run an “old school” campaign. If you’re not sure what I mean by old school, I recommend Matt Finch’s… 2,271 more words

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D&D 5E – Old School XP and Treasure

As mentioned previously, I’ve started running the newest edition of D&D for my son and his friends, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how the game hangs together. 1,878 more words

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Better Than I Expected

Dungeons & Dragons has been around a long time. I started playing it in 1982, with Tom Moldvay’s Basic Set red box and Dave Cook’s Expert Set blue box. 1,800 more words

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AetherCon 2017 - Day 2: Morning

Day 2 kicked off with a 9am game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the GM, Edward, was running a 1st edition adventure he wrote called “Envoy of Peace” and according to his write up it seemed like a dozy of a political thriller. 1,160 more words

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The Legend Of Oz The Caster - The White Tower

“The Legend Of Oz The Caster 

by Doragon


CHAPTER II – Departure

CHAPTER III – The White Mage Tower

Traveling to ‘The Key’, home to the Four Mage Towers of Thay, would be a three day journey. 846 more words

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