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RPGaDay 19,20 & 21: Ketchup

19. Best way to learn a new game?

Is probably still the learn as you go routine. That’s how I done it.

Back when I first discovered a group of fellow students playing AD&D I didn’t know what the heck was going on but I knew there was a lot of imagination. 386 more words


RPGaDAY 14: Dream Team

Your dream team of people you used to game with?

Dang, this question really made me think about the players I had around my table over the years. 87 more words


RPGaDAY 11: The Gamer

Which gamer most affected the way you play?

I thought long and hard on this one, and it boils down to two people; but I will go with one for this one and that fellow is Jack Campbell. 387 more words


RPGaDay 4 - Impressive Thing

Most Impressive thing another character did?

I’ve witness a lot of impressive things at the game table over the years, though to hone it down to just one would be a sin.  197 more words