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Cycling through life

I’ve been thinking about cycles. A cycle is something that repeats, like the rotation of a wheel, or the rotation of the earth. A true cycle never has an end until something external affects it, and the same is true for the start of a cycle in that something external to the cycle has to happen to start the cycle off. 1,195 more words


Neon 5's Many PPAs & APT

Project Neon 5, the KDE Frameworks 5 version of Kubuntu‘s continuous KDE software  delivery system, has more than one package repositories balancing quality and update frequency in different ways. 144 more words


objective-C in linux(ubuntu)

After enrolling in CS3217, the first thing that I need to worry about about is in fact the programming language. In fact, after the experience with C, C++ and Java, there should not be any programming language that is particularly hard except for those functional ones which I have absolutely no knowledge of. 382 more words

NUS Life

Python - How to install Selenium WebDriver on Ubuntu/Debian

This is a quick introduction to Selenium WebDriver in Python on Ubuntu/Debian systems.

WebDriver (part of Selenium 2) is a library for automating browsers, and can be used from a variety of language bindings. 209 more words


Connecting Android Device to Ubuntu 12.04

I was trying to follow the simple “hello world” example in python-for-android, when I got to the statement:

“Plug your android device, and ensure you can install development application”

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[howto] create a mysql database and set privileges to a new user

This tutorial will explain how to create a new database and give a user the appropriate grant permissions. 111 more words


How to fix broken packages on Debian Based Distros?

Every Linux user knows that eventually something is going to happen with your packages. Dependency errors, broken cache, or missing/damaged packages.

The easiest way to correct issues with packages on Debian Distros is to use the apt-get command line. 58 more words