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What is cybersecurity? – Or are you fully buzzword compliant yet?

Every year they’ll chase a different pig through the village, as we say in German. This year in IT security it is cybersecurity. Especially the United States have funded research on this topic and created frameworks as if there is no tomorrow. 247 more words


F-Secure report details Russian cyber attacks on the U.S., NATO and others

Much of the world woke to headlines Thursday morning featuring revelations from a new F-Secure whitepaper on an advanced-persistent threat (ATP) group known as “the Dukes”. 706 more words


Advanced persistent threats – or the new cyberwarfare

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are the stealth undercurrent of the daily news on security attacks. IT breaches where data get stolen are so prominent that APTs are getting mentioned but overlooked. 364 more words


Data Theft: Why It's Better Lost Than Stolen

With all of the discussion of hackers, advanced persistent threats (APT’s) and email scandals, I thought it was timely for me to discuss my philosophy on data consolidation.   390 more words


Mission Possible: Corporate-Class Security for Home Networks

“The average zero-day attack lasts 10 months before detection.”
2014—University of Maryland

“Zero-day vulnerabilities are available for purchase on widely accessible sites and highly vetted marketplaces.”

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Open SNMP Service Used for an Attack

At NetFort we keep talking about having a unified network visibility for both security and operations. The rationale for us is pretty simple; our already stressed customers have a reference point, a single pane of glass to monitor and troubleshoot any suspicious activity. 429 more words

Telnet Networks

Two Strikes: Endpoint Anti-Malware Doesn’t See All the Pitches

With the NBA Finals completed (congratulations to the near-Silicon-Valley Warriors) sports attention here in the United States turns firmly to baseball. At the risk of stating the obvious, baseball literally begins with the pitch. 1,085 more words