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What Do Florida's School Grades REALLY tell you?

“What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced by what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure. So now we measure how well we taught what isn’t worth learning.”

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Literature, Youth, & High School English-Inspired Conversations

Joe Riener, long-time teacher of high school English and adviser in theater and journalism, discusses literature and the conversations it can inspire, in- and outside the classroom, in his new publications on… 348 more words

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IOAPA Coordinators: Start the AP Exam Conversation

As spring semester gets underway, students (in conjunction with their teachers and IOAPA mentors) must decide whether or not to take AP exams for their courses. 295 more words

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The R&D Behind CA's Blended Learning

We’ve got a guest blogger for this month’s newsletter entry. Below is an article written for publication by Cary Academy’s Dean of Faculty Martina Greene. She was asked to contribute a chapter to the recent… 2,792 more words

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Become an AP Teacher This Summer (Or Improve Your AP Skills)

Registration for the Advanced Placement Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) is now open! This week-long summer program aims to provide specialized training to teachers interested in adding to their knowledge about AP coursework. 112 more words

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Iowa Online AP Academy: Information on AP Exams

Last year, we wrote a series discussing the benefits to taking AP exams following an AP course. For many students, the time is quickly approaching when they must make a decision about whether or not to take AP exams. 94 more words

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Experience over scores: the value of taking AP classes

The following post was originally published on our sister site, The Prospect.

The overwhelming pressure to always take the most rigorous courses possible and have the highest test scores in the grade – all while balancing other responsibilities and activities – is something many high school students know all too well. 48 more words

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