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APUSH Under Fire

As I’m sure most have heard about, a committee of the Oklahoma state legislature recently proposed a bill vetoing the curriculum of CollegeBoard’s Advanced Placement United States History course on the grounds that it too closely followed the “Common Core” curriculum which was also struck down some time ago. 649 more words

Blessing or Curse?

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34 NIV

She handed me a list of classes placed into blocks that would potentially make up next year’s schedule for ninth grade.

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Parenting Teens

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Oklahomans Need College Access Too

Last week I wrote about the transition taking place in schools across the country to the Common Core Learning Standards. The transition has been a tough one for many reasons; investment from all of a state’s key stakeholders can be a lofty accomplishment, and the actual transition is costly both in terms of dollars and time. 469 more words

The man behind CollegeBoard - David Coleman

CollegeBoard is the organization behind the SAT and AP tests which are the placement tests that assessed our intellect and studying capabilities that we endured in high school to get to where we are today: in college. 259 more words

Have Questions About IOAPA?

Are you interested in learning more about Iowa Online AP Academy courses? Are you a current IOAPA student or educator looking for answers? There are a lot of sources of information in addition to this blog to check for other information about our programs. 119 more words

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The Advanced Placement United States History test is back in the news again. That’s never good. As a society, pretty much the only time that we pay attention to American history is when it is used as ammunition in contemporary political debates. 2,277 more words

Thinking Historically