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Love Connects It All

Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. What does is all this matter if we don’t love all?

Alexis Santora is a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education. 29 more words

Advent Series

From the Mouths of Babes

Love all. It sounds simple, but we often forget what that really means. But children? They know what it’s all about.

Ashley Hardee is a junior Chemistry major from Lexington, KY. 28 more words


Do you really mean everyone?

2016 has been quite a year. Some say it has overstayed its welcome. In the midst of all of it… how do we really love all? 34 more words


Advent Conspiracy Week 4: Worship Fully

Read Psalm 111

Think of this. God has given us air to breathe right this minute, a heart that beats every second, jagged mountains, luminous oceans, shimmering rivers, breathing forests, still ponds, grassy fields, moss comfortably growing at the base of a telephone pole, a worm turning the compost over, a baby’s bright eyes focusing on a reflection, coffee lathered in a mug, paint applied, paper cuts, beads strung, clay pressed, wood sanded—all of it blanketed by God’s beauty. 588 more words

Christian Living

advent conspiracy.

Christmas isn’t my holiday of choice, though I’m coming to appreciate the advent season as a whole.  I get frustrated with the commercialism and materialism and become a grinch.   414 more words

Giving More This Advent

What’s the best gift you can give this Christmas? Yourself!

Rachel Kozma is a junior Marketing major. She dedicates her time to the 10pm Mass Committee, Xavier Christmas, and loves to serve and give back to those around her.


Christmas - Quantity or Quality?

This Advent we’re called to give more. Give more presents? Gift cards? Or give more of ourselves?

Michaella Norris is a senior Health Administration major. She chairs the X-Change Board and gives more weekly through Labre homeless outreach.