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Venez Divin Messie

Venez divin Messie,
Sauver nos jours infortunés ;
Vous êtes notre vie,
Venez, venez, venez !

Ah! Descendez, hâtez vos pas!
Sauvez les hommes du trépas ; 151 more words

Non-English Hymns

SGW, 8-18-17, Luke 2:1-40

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Experience Christmas (and Easter) !

Good multi-sensory material for groups of 30 primary-school children – we’ve done Christmas and Easter effectively with a range of schools in our area, working with teams of local church volunteers …. 29 more words


Advent - God's Loyalty Card

Handed out at the start of advent a few years ago – printed onto credit-card sized plastic, to lodge in people’s wallets or purses as a reminder. 7 more words


Masa Advent yang Pertama di 2008

Bapa Ibu, rekan rekan yang budiman dan budiwati :)

Tidak terasa satu tahun berlalu, sejak saya meluncurkan “saat hening” untuk masa advent
tahun 2007. Minggu ini kita telah memasuki masa advent yang pertama. 219 more words

Saat Hening

I Just Want To Be Good Enough

“Good enough is the enemy of perfection..”

The burning question in the hearts of men and women everywhere is, “How doI become good enough to get into Heaven?” There are many who believe that if they can be good enough, do enough good deeds, perform enough good acts, they will be granted entrance to heaven. 1,220 more words


Will You Bow Or Burn?

That is the question facing every Christian in this era. You must know what the Bible says is the Mark of the Beast, or the “complete” number for man… 666. 975 more words