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Bears Be Common -- truly wild poem from 2001

NJ WILD was my first nature blog.  My readers know how very much I celebrate any aspect of wild in our beleaguered, overpopulated state.  My heart rejoiceth that bears have been seen in the Pine Barrens, near Chatsworth.  363 more words


Finding your Bliss.

Story time! However, a trekking tale this is not, well not really. My weekend hike was canceled while on the way to the trailhead of my intended over-night trip. 672 more words

Self Reflection

The "Brave at Heart" Adventure

So my friend, J (yep, just the one letter),  started this awesome online magazine called Fulle Circle. He’s interviewed tons of actors and musicians and basically just really awesome people over the years and posted their conversations. 588 more words


My first character crush! Booker T. Adams! My review of: Booker: Streets of Mayhem by John W. Medford

I have never had a character crush, or book boyfriend, but the main character of this book, Booker: Streets of Mayhem, by John W. Medford sure comes close! 245 more words


Adventures In Friendship: When Life  Comes Full Circle Again

Sometimes when you go through changes in life you lose people along the way. Often times you never reconnect with those people. When that happens, I have come to believe that it was truly for your best interest. 371 more words

What's On My Mind?

Visions on Mt. Mansfield

Somewhere along the way to the summit, the earth crumbled from under my feet.

In a flash, I realized that my life could end with the slightest twitch and I reconnected with a reality that was unfamiliar to me, but apparent to my human instinct. 204 more words


Five Great Hikes in the Banff Town Area

There are so many great hikes that you can do in Banff National Park, which aren’t too far from the Town of Banff. Here’s five of my favourite ones: 402 more words