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Bolivia: Land of Wonders

It’s safe to say I had few expectations about Bolivia before I arrived. To be honest, I knew very little about the country, just that it was home to the famous salt flats in Uyuni and that it was poorer than Peru. 1,467 more words


Quick Trip To Mexico

It was a short stay in Mexico in the beautiful Quinta Real in Monterrey. It was a very  posh hotel, maybe a bit too posh as at breakfast every time I moved there was someone to pull my chair out, which was a bit embarrassing especially as I was really wedged between the chair and table and had to make my way out in a very ungainly style. 280 more words


Graz, Austria by the numbers (Inspired by Matador Network)

I read a post by Tom Gates of Matador Network called “Florence, Italy by the numbers” and I was so inspired by this author’s post (source link: … 187 more words


Mi amore, Cittá di Cannobio, Italia

Today is the day I fell in love with Italy.  Though I had a just arrived in Austria a week before, hearing the smooth, romantic sound of the Italian language alongside eating some great lasagna and quenching my thirst with sauvignon, was a much needed break from the roughness of the German language.  370 more words


A Soldier Surrenders, by Susan Peek

    Susan Peek has introduced another of her friends in high places. Camillus de Lellis lived in the sixteenth century, a time of saints and turmoil. Nonetheless, his life and example relate especially well to our times. 318 more words


I think I might need to buy an XBox One!

I was looking at the E3 lineup today, and saw this game which looks right along my alley…. But it’s coming out ONLYon XBox One. 78 more words



I can already tell I’m falling for the same patterns as my last countdown. Paleo food + my cat (you’ll see in the next post). I don’t think anything is wrong with this….I’m easily pleased by the simplest of pleasures… 67 more words