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White water rafting

Aka the best medicine to recover from bad mood

I was told not to miss out white water rafting while being in Sabah, as it’s one of the highlands here. 1,328 more words


Backcountry Beauty and the Beasts that call it Home

While the kids were staying with their grandparents this past week, Family Man and I took the rare opportunity to go backpacking. This was our first backpacking trip we’ve done together since we’ve been parents, so it was pretty exciting. 1,239 more words


St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge

28 March 2015

Stalking people’s Instagram may lead to finding neat places to go.

Life lesson: Maps can be extremely misleading…

Pro tip: Always pack snacks. 21 more words


Skate World

21 March 2015

Never shy away from trying something new!

Life lesson: If you are uncoordinated, you will most likely not pick up roller skating easily. 59 more words


St. Augustine

14 March 2015

Shout out to my beautiful tiny city.

Life lesson: Good company + good food = one spectacular day

Pro tip: Being a tourist in your own town is so much fun. 24 more words


Pluto love!

So excited to say that its 16 days till I can get Plutos autograph and get a hug off him! This is going to be the best pretend 21st birthday ever! 20 more words