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Maybe I should've been a debutante.

I, Ashley Coffman, am not as polished and refined as I thought.
After two solid weeks of being an intern, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons about what it takes to be a business professional in a “Five-Star, Five Diamond” environment. 609 more words


Napa Quality Wineries Right Here In New England

A favorite summer pastime, OK…who am I kidding, a favorite year-round pastime of mine, wine tasting at a local New England vineyard. We love to take a picnic full of cheese/crackers/fruits, a group of friends and leisurely enjoy the day tasting local wines, basking in the beauty of the winery and grounds as well as always meeting new friends along the way. 73 more words


The Magical Workman Chapter 12: Injured

When I came too all I saw was a bright sea of light, probably sunlight, streaming through my eyes.

Needless to say I was blinded. 327 more words

Reblog from the Thought Catalog: "How to Go Balls-Deep On Your Own Life"

Challenge accepted.

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Write and send one gratitude note.

Pick somebody who intimidates you a little – someone who you couldn’t say it to their face, even if you wanted to. 700 more words


LMS new chapters!

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 chapter 11 & LMS volume 25 chapter 1 are out! Double chapters!! Enjoy!!

Volume 24 Chapter 11… 649 more words


Ark new chapter!

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Ark volume 15 chapter 5 is now out! Enjoy!!


Kung kung, kung kung.

“Master, I’ve found one here!” 55 more words


The island of giant stone heads - part number the first

I suppose if I actually want to consider this a blog and myself a writer I have to, you know, write. Even though my life here in Brazil may be an exotic mystery to most of you, as I began to cultivate routine, develop friendships and find favorite local hot spots it simply became life for me. 1,605 more words