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The Emperor's Wife

100 min  |  Adventure, Drama, Fantasy  |  3 September 2003 (Belgium)

At an undisclosed location and time an Empress has seven years to provide her Emperor with an heir to his throne. 29 more words


Ottawa: Skating The Rideau Canal

Ottawa is sometimes called the coldest capital in the world and while we were there it certainly lived up to its reputation! However this coldness also brings one of the most fun winter activities. 226 more words

Travel And Adventure

Perks of being with a Traveler!!

Yesterday while me and my all way travel partner were sitting together going through the web, we came across an article which listed how life gets exciting if your partner is a travel freak and I really wanted to share this with all you lovely readers, Do Let me Know your Views! 443 more words



It’s April in Wisconsin. Wildly fluctuating temps and unpredictable or seemingly non-existent weather patterns are the norm. That being said, I must thank the powers that be for giving me a full week of 65ish degree days and ample sunshine to revel in the glory that is taking time off of work. 1,027 more words


What Am I Thinking?

Let me just tell you how much I’ve been scrambling my brain these past two weeks with this whole puppy situation. The litter that my name is on (that was supposed to be due the second week of April) is still NOT BORN YET. 476 more words

Life's Journey

Slashing Buckets

Who are you?

Well…I am 1/4 clumsy, 1/4 practical, 1/4 adventurous, and 1/4 dreamer. Let’s focus on the half that is an adventurous dreamer.

Dreams, goals, and things on my bucket list…

105 more words

On the Road

R  |  124 min  |  Adventure, Drama  |  23 May 2012 (France)

Young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. 40 more words