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seams of sunshine

Biggie smalls reverberates against the glass walls, laughs, claps and congratulations are heard as the last gulp of beer is swallowed and the final cup flips upside down, and the smell of garlic and rain dances through the open-aired room. 270 more words


The Dream Awaits.....

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Life. It’s one hell of an adventure. When you’re young, the sky is the limit; the world is beautiful. Then life happens. … 284 more words

The Irish Antarctic Survey

This season, in Rothera, there is a record number of SIX Irish people working for the British Antarctic Survey. We often jest that the Irish are slowly taking over BAS and perhaps one day it will be called the… 259 more words


Lowell Gingerbread Trail & Shop Small

Yesterday was a fun day. I had the opportunity to go on a mini adventure with the owner of Little Delights Bakery in Lowell, MA , walking around local businesses and looking at all the Gingerbread Houses for the 1st Lowell Gingerbread House Trail. 635 more words


Scene 11/29 A Tiny World from Way Up There

I love it when I stumble upon sticks like these that have fallen from the high branches and are all covered with interesting life forms. It’s like a tiny world has fallen at my feet from Way Up There. 136 more words


Our Longest Journey

What does 1955 mean to you?

1955 has had an impact on all of us, regardless of our current age: the Mickey Mouse Club and Dame Edna Everage had their debut performances, Disneyland California and the first McDonalds opened … Fibre Optics, Lego and Velcro were invented … Twelve Angry Men swept the Emmy  Awards …. 756 more words

Fit For Life Octant - Phase 1

Phase 1 of an octant must be about trying new things and should last for a couple of hours. These are the adventures I had to achieve Phase 1 of the Fit For Life Octant (many of which I may have mentioned before!)… 545 more words