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Bagel Birthday Bash!

White seed or black? White please, and preferably piping hot, right out of the brick oven.

For any native-born and diehard Montrealers, any tourists or food-mavens who know the worth of a well-kneaded, rolled, water-and-honey-steamed, round blob of dough that bakes itself to chewy perfection each and every time.. 315 more words


May Long Weekend

May your weekend be blessed, safe and full of adventure!

Love & Light


Fern Tree Gully


Mandy and Me

It might be hard to beleive but the town of Rylstone has one of the best Yum Cha/Tea house in Australia (29 Nine 99, do yourself a favour). 428 more words


Wandering around the plateau


Julie, Leaf and me

So if you listened to the weather forecasters you’d expect to see a guy building a baot and collecting animals two by two or something. 527 more words



by Alexandra Bracken
YA Fantasy / Historical Fiction
4 of 5 stars

Yet another immensely satisfying end to a series! The 500-page factor had me a little hesitant to dive in—I knew I would need TIME—but once I did I found this even faster-paced with more adventure than… 434 more words


The Dream

When we were youngsters, nothing but a spec of dust in this vast universe of life, we dreamed. We played, we cried, we fought.  Perhaps we shouted our dreams to the world. 199 more words


The Photo

This week marks five years to the day of my first attempt on Rainier. I was a rookie. Completely out of my element. Completely unprepared for what I was going to go up against. 1,364 more words