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Adventures in British Columbia, Part Four – Hornby Island

On Tuesday, September 22nd my son-in-law Frank dropped me off at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal where I bought my ticket to Hornby Island at the low price of $17.00. 706 more words


Surfing in Oz

If you’ve never joined up with communities like AirBnB, Homeexchange, Trusted Housesitters, or Couchsurfing, you have no idea what you’re missing. I can vouch for the latter, and have been doing so for nearly a decade. 567 more words


Adventurousness thy names are George and Himself!

The first rule of blogging is; never mention how long it’s been since your last post.

:looks around shiftily:
:whistles innocently:

Just some of the multitude of things we’ve done include; 110 more words


Lake Louise, AB

Lake Agnes Tea House sits at an altitude of 2,135 metres and is the highest tea house in Canada. The 3.4 kilometre trail to the tea house begins at Lake Louis and climbs 368 metres up in elevation to Lake Agnes. 620 more words


My summer vacation - Foreign Extraction Edition, Part II

left off I left off as my stateside brother and I finalized our plan to travel to the Philippines to retrieve my Philippines-dwelling brother from near a war zone. 802 more words

Life Lessons

A Little Bit Country

There are many things I don’t expect to find on a weekday afternoon while riding a bike trail in the countryside … and yet, it’s still possible to surprise me. 289 more words

Things I Like

REBEL OF THE SANDS by Alwyn Hamilton

by TPS reader alchj22

Rebel of the Sands is a novel by Alwyn Hamilton. It is about a girl named Amani Al’Hiza, who has blue eyes instead of brown, like everybody else in Dustwalk, the desert town where Amani lives. 257 more words