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Colortone is a first-person puzzle-platform video game. You are trapped in a room from which you should escape. You don’t have any abilities. The only thing you have is your brain. 38 more words


It's Canada Day, and a new game, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Hey! So as you might have figured out I am Canadian! GO Canada!! And it’s raining like it’s a bloody rainforest. I’m really glad I have nowhere to go today. 103 more words



This past weekend we got the chance to go floating with a bunch of friends up in the Russian River, and it was a blast! We floated for about 4 hours, though it was slow, and we only covered about .7 miles, haha! 122 more words


Avid Plane Enthusiast? This hotel is for you!

If you are anything like me, you run at the speed of light to get outside when you hear a jumbo overhead. I can easily spend my Sunday afternoons laying the garden watching all the planes pass overhead (One of the perks of living to close to the airport). 277 more words


Heart Tribe Festival Transformation

I have to say that my time spent was filled with authentic people who had so many talents. To see so many hearts wide open with honest questions about my soul. 365 more words


Braintwisting Space Odyssey

Gravity Core is an Anti-Casual Braintwisting Space Shooter. Accompanied by a psychotic artificial intelligence, you have to master three dimensional space and challenges to your sense of orientation and perception to save all existence from extinction. 10 more words


How to Stay Healthy On the Go

I’m inspired to write about this topic having come off trail and first crave a green juice, followed by a vitamin supplement. Having been traveling and on the move for the past month (and in reality the past year from being a wilderness guide on and off trail), finding ways to maintain my health is something that is really important to me. 462 more words