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Semuc Champey and the Most Adventurous Things I've Ever Done

After finally arriving in Lanquín and decompressing after a difficult day, it was time to prepare ourselves for a full day at Semuc Champey. Semuc, is an adventurer’s dream. 856 more words


Remember to Be Human

Traveling is an extraordinary privilege. As such it is so easy to get caught up in the traveler’s lifestyle. Everything is the next adventure, the next travel high. 495 more words


Rollo on the Atlantic (Jacob Abbott, 1853)

The preface says that the book exists both to educate and entertain, but for a Victorian kids book, it’s thankfully pretty light on the moralizing. For the entertainment side of things, we follow twelve year old Rollo and his seven year old cousin/adopted sister Jane as they journey across the Atlantic to join their parents, who — owing to their father’s illness — have been obliged to remain in Europe longer than expected and don’t wish to be so long separated from their children. 161 more words


The Lake District

There are odd, weird things that you miss when you move country. Things that, if you’d never left, you never would have eaten again. You wouldn’t miss them. 286 more words


A Journey of a Thousand Delays

They say that every journey starts with a single step, and sometimes it just might be a full sprint to a jog, and then a gentle walk. 289 more words


Curiosity Most Certainly Never Killed A Cat

The phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” is not only strange, but just plain wrong. A healthy curiosity is what moves us forward to learn and explore, and once a person’s curiosity is gone, so is their zest for life. 1,106 more words


Mason's big adventure! Day 3

We woke to a moody morning. The rain was lingering. Short shots of sprinkles. We could see our breath as we made breakfast. Everything that could be packed the night before was. 742 more words