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A Love Letter to Minnesota and Wisconsin

Minnesota and Wisconsin were in such stark contrast to eastern Montana and western North Dakota!! So green! So populated! Lake country! It was a relief to go through more than one town a day, and ride along their beautiful, treed bike paths. 544 more words

Colorado, USA - Resplendent in the Fall - Simply Stunning - and Cycling Up Some Very Steep Hills

We are currently in Breckenridge, Colorado,  and are about to embark on the highest part of our Great Divide route, which will involve cycling over passes of around 12,000 feet. 685 more words


Profile Response: Adventure Cycling Association, Missoula, MT

“You’ve heard about the storm we had here the other day.” Julie Huck, Membership Director of Adventure Cycling Association was referring to the freak thunderstorm that knocked power out of most of Missoula two days ago; a prominent topic of local conversation. 900 more words

7 Days in North Dakota

We made it through North Dakota in 7 days.

We were in Montana for 18 DAYS! That was 20% of our 90 day trip! 472 more words

Yellowstone and the Teton Mountains - Wyoming USA, Bison and Big Hill Cycling

We cycled towards Yellowstone past Quake Lake, which was the site of an earthquake disaster in 1959 when 26 campers where killed by a combination of a giant wave over the dam and two hillsides collapsing during the night. 621 more words


Montana, USA - Big Sky Country - On going from -4°C to +38°C in a couple of days

We said farewell to Bob in Helena, Montana, he went to a good home! And I celebrated having the full weight back on my bike by spending a happy afternoon climbing 4000 ft up Chief Joseph Pass and across the Great Divide! 495 more words