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Keeping Calm Amidst April’s Activities and Surprises

Summer has not yet officially been declared by PAG-ASA, but the sweltering heat during the day is a naked truth that the dog days are here.  636 more words

5 Adventure Sports You Need To Try

As a child I always found myself exploring and adventuring in one way or another. Whether it be exploring my own backyard or trying a new sport, you could pretty much guarantee I had tried it or was just waiting for the day I could give it a go, however as I grew older and began to become distracted by other endeavours they took me away from this way of living and soon enough a lot of time had passed and I was in my twenties and hadn’t done any form of adventure sport or activities in years.  177 more words

Treks & Trails

  A family Activity, A modern-day spiritual mantra

 “Walking the treacherous and difficult terrain will tell you more about the people you travel with than the road.   1,404 more words


8 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Mountain Biking

Most of the days we are indoors, in class or in office, trapped in the labyrinth of workload. Being on your bike, ripping the trails is just the opposite. 810 more words

'When the Dreams Come True' pre-trip report

It is year 2013, February. I am at the university with my mates procrastinating/researching for inspiration. We are doing motion graphics course, thus it is computer screen intense. 990 more words


Safety First

My favourite abstract shot from my trip to the beach yesterday. New venture into kite surf photography. Loving it. Safety first, guys.


The trek for people with 'The K-factor'

The above sentence sums up all you will need while scaling ‘Bagini Glacier’ and ‘Chang Bang’ base camp at an altitude of 4800 Mts. If you want to check your mental grit and stamina then this is ‘The Trek’ for you. 3,326 more words