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Trekking & Paragliding at Bir-billing

It was the 1st time I had breathed in so much fresh air at once. With mountains right in front of me, trees and roads way below, for those 45 minutes, I felt like a bird slowly making its way through a valley. 221 more words

Blast From the past

‘JUMP’….it seems a normal word, But when one is standing on a platform that is tied to a 160 feet high hydraulic crane you find your whole psyche divided in two half’s,one is guided by the humble Heart and the other by the knowledgeable Mind…the situation become actually scary then and there and the real meaning of ‘Jump’ much more complex… 309 more words


My Journey to Become a Skydiver. Part I- Crowdfunding

We go through different phases in our life. I am in a phase where I like to watch videos of people doing different adventure and extreme sports on YouTube. 1,057 more words

Adventure Sports

Benefits of Adventure Sports

Benefits of Adventure Sports

When we say adventure sports, the words jump into our mind maybe Bungee jumping, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, high diving and so on. 231 more words



Why? Why do we travel, even more why do some people do adventure sports? Why do we trek for miles? Why do some people want to jump out of a perfectly working airplane? 352 more words

Adventure Sports