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Top 10 ‘EXTREME ADVENTURE SPORTS’ to try before you DIE!!!

Do you have the fear of heights, water, air or speed? Well, to answer you don’t have to put pressure on your head, just check out the below video and feel the adrenaline rush while watching those extreme sport activities which come with a set of cautions and statutory warning? 1,276 more words

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Visual delight at Aurangabad -2

I hope you’ll like some the pictures I managed to click at Ajanta and Ellora. It’s mind-boggling to imagine the skills people of that era had to create anything of such magnificence. 141 more words


Climbing Fair Head: Tired and Benighted

Delicately stepping over rocking boulders and grass slides by the lacklustre torchlights of our mobile phones, with a fully racked harness and a rope on my back, I asked myself, am I really enjoying this shit?  1,397 more words


Reel Rock 11

Are you a rock climbing aficionado or just someone like us who enjoys watching others accomplish incredible feats? Well you could be in luck! Reel Rock is currently premiering its new movie Reel Rock 11 throughout the country in select locations. 158 more words


A Top Travel Experience: Paragliding through Slovenia

Running off a cliff strapped to a stranger, getting caught by the air and gliding through the sky with the power of the a parachute holding you above the ground. 291 more words


The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice’s magnum opus, his highly anticipated snowboarding film “The Fourth Phase” premiered last week in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This historic venue has played host to many events throughout the years, such as the Academy Awards,  Laker games, and the 1933 premier of King Kong. 298 more words

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Experience Terrain Vehicle Tours in Hyderabad by Participating in a Host of Adventure Activities

For intrepid travelers, the terrain vehicle tours offer a remarkable experience. There are adventure and travel websites that allow interested tourists to participate in a host of adventure activities. 233 more words

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