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Human Comets

These four athletes decided to pay tribute to the Perseids meteor shower, which occurs annually throughout the month of August when the comet Swift-Tuttle passes by the earth. 111 more words

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A new Red Bull TV series named Urbex, is a show filmed by some of the craziest ultimate urban explorers out there and is certainly meant to promote feelings of vertigo among its audience. 83 more words

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Surfing Jaws

Pe’ahi is a place on the north shore of Maui, one of the eight main islands making up the state of Hawaii. The waters off Pe’ahi are known as “Pe’ahi Jaws Surf Break” or just “Jaws” for short, nicknamed by big wave surfers for the unpredictability of the massive and dangerous swells occurring off the coast. 101 more words

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Mid-Summer Dreaming

The dog days of summer are upon us and the guys here at KnowBros thought we should share some cool. Since, we don’t currently have the technology to affect the weather (working on it), we did the next best thing. 288 more words

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Remembering Matilda Rapaport

Professional freeskier Matilda Rapaport passed from complications over the weekend. She was in the Alps filming for the upcoming action sports game Steep and was caught in an avalanche on Thursday. 119 more words

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WORLD OF ADVENTURE SPORTS -Accidental Forks in the Road

World of Adventure Sports – Accidental Forks in the Road/Faroe Islands


Outside Television 8pm ET

It was a series of accidental forks in the road that led me to landing on the remote archipelago of the… 286 more words

"Why [Insert Bad-Ass Adventure Sport Here]?"

Meet Lea, Laurie, and Ka`iulani. A climber, an ultra-marathon runner, and a surfer, these  women in my life continually inspire me in their ability to do what they love. 2,493 more words