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Cultivate sparks - a 2017 thesis statement

Have you ever tried to write an essay without brainstorming first? Just started writing with the hope that your thesis will magically refine itself as you spew nonsensical and unrelated facts? 1,061 more words


the garage

the last passenger of my mother’s little red car

was a feral calico

who purred her way onto a lap

and into a heart.

The car took her last trip today…. 40 more words

The Now

Last Day

I haven’t written a post in a long time. But today Im feeling compelled to, even though it’s pretty much my bed time already. Just an hour ago, my roommate came home with a heartbreaking news – one of her coworkers unexpectely┬ápassed away yesterday, leaving behind his wife and two young children. 378 more words


The Journey Might Be Done, But The Lessons Have Only Begun

Australia took me by surprise! ´╗┐

I learned tons about the Aboriginal people, but I didn’t expect to learn about the controversies that occur between aboriginals and the government in regards to land rights. 660 more words

Valkyrie by Kate O'Hearn

Valkyrie by Kate O’Hearn is based on Norse Mythology. What’s not to love!? After reading the dedication, I have complete respect for the author. She wrote a compassionate and helpful letter to victims of bullying! 136 more words


Rising Heroes Report: Day Nineteen

New missions were dispatched today along with more information about the hacker we have in custody. After the usual threats and clamming up, the higher-ups decided to put the question to the people. 678 more words