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Thank you for embarking on this adventure with me through Australia. I am about to go backpacking through the great down under and it will be my biggest adventure yet. 
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Preparing to Backpack Through Europe

My original intention behind creating this blog was to document my travels and evolution as a photographer and overall creative. But I haven’t traveled yet, so I had no reason to post. 367 more words


post travel blues

At this moment, I’ve been home for exactly 30 days, four hours and 17 minutes – but who’s counting.

So really today marks the one month anniversary of returning to my home town of Adelaide, and my post travel depression (or PTD, it’s a real thing okay) is hitting hard. 747 more words

Gloomy Day Adventure

 Living in northern Indiana means we have rather brutal winters. We spend November thru March huddled around the fireplace waiting for spring. Well, spring arrived a little earlier than expected and the Moore Clan decided to spend this unseasonably warm gloomy day outside. 267 more words


Don't Climb In A Puma Jumpsuit

Eleven years ago I met Alex. He had just moved from San Jose to Washington, hoping for a change of scenery. Inside his suitcases were broken flip flops and faded t-shirts, but he remembers the weight of the baggage to be a lot heavier. 784 more words


Adventure to Naha

Getting around Okinawa is MUCH easier with a car…too bad we don’t have that luxury. Yay for public transportation!

Vince and I hopped on a bus that we hoped would take us to the southern city of Naha (it did). 44 more words


The Mark of the Owl and the Phoenix. Chapters 5-8

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Chapter 5

Swan jumped out and nearly fell into the river.

She landed on all fours, and then regretted it because of the bullet wound, irritated because of the scratchy grass below her. 10,526 more words

Long Shot's Clip