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Cornwall - Where we stayed in Falmouth 

So a few weeks ago we made our second trip of the year down to Cornwall. This time we decided to visit Falmouth.

It was mid-October so I wasn’t expecting warm weather but other than the couple of storms that hit the UK we had a pretty decent week. 261 more words


The Case of the Bright Pink Water Bottle

“What are these?” The man in charge of the coat check (nothing fancy, museums have coat-checks in Russia) hands Mary and me back her Nalgene and my bright pink glass water bottle, respectively. 253 more words

into Sharpthorne tunnel

When I was doing my research into the Bluebell Railway Track Trek I noticed that we would be going through the Sharpthorne Tunnel.


As I approached I was constantly thinking of that great book… 52 more words


Making New Friends at Anawangin

Zambales has always been a favorite go-to place of Manileños looking for a quick, albeit unplanned getaways.

The untimely suspension of work in preparation for the 31st ASEAN Summit had us reaching for our phones, vigorously searching for any destination that could take us away from the city. 230 more words

Day 2 - Chiang Mai, Northen Thailand

DAY TWO: Yun Lai >  Memorial Bridge > Tham Lod Cave > Pai Leg Massage 

Woke up at 5am in the morning to have a spectacular sunrise view at… 274 more words


Cycling Tarifa To Nordkapp In 24 Questions

Last week I was contacted by Nicholas Waite, a cyclist who is planning to travel from Tarifa to Nordkapp by bicycle in 2018. As with anyone attempting such a feat, he has done the wise thing and read my book: … 2,216 more words


Bali Diary Day Six: Tegalalang Rice Terraces

If you are like me and ever intsa-stalked Bali, there is a high possibility that you have stumbled upon the Tegallalang Rice terraces. It is a very popular spot just off the path of Bali’s cultural heart – Ubud.   523 more words