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I'm Not

Thank you to my beautiful niece for lending me her balcony where I am not.

But I am imagining the adventure of it all.


Life Chatter

10 Favorite Sunsets From Around the World

Several months ago, Michelle and Richard from Chalk & Cheese Travels posted a list of their favorite sunsets they’ve witnessed and captured from around the world. 387 more words


Emily in Paris: UNE CRITIQUE

Source: Fashionista

Enfin, je viens de regarder la nouvelle émission, Emily in Paris, il y a quelques semaines. Après avoir entendu le “hype” de mes ami.es, j’ai décidé de dédier du temps pour regarder toutes les épisodes sur Netflix. 404 more words


Emily in Paris: SERIES REVIEW

Source: NBC News

Just a couple of weeks ago, I FINALLY found the time and patience to sit down and watch the recent Netflix series… 814 more words


BTT EoW 2.52: By Light of Manifesto

Here is the season 2 finale! In this action-packed episode, the group sets into motion a plan that will really shake up the city. As they escape, they are trading one set of uncertainties for another. 70 more words


Memories Of Snow Filled Days

As the sun glistens of the freshly fallen snow, a promise of a new day shines. What will today bring? What new adventures are waiting? What does the future hold? 295 more words