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The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

On November 16th, loaded up, fuelled up, tuned up, warmed up and revved up – we began heading east.

Greeted on a fine Wednesday morning by a light easterly (head wind that was to steadily grow stronger the longer we were on that road otherwise known as the Nullarbor Highway), we ticked along at 80 being passed by everything that was not powered by a horse or a man. 355 more words


By Any Other Name

vextro is time limited and needs your support

Retro games, conceptually, are notoriously attached to signifiers and little else; retro is essentially a memetic marketing device that refers to any sort of callback to older games. 1,447 more words


Perth: The City That Never Sleeps

Flying above Australia, you first see the endless, reddish, rocky landscape of the desert below. You can almost feel the dust and the heat that must live in that kind of environment. 2,272 more words


What I Would Give

What I would give

To trade the train for a plane

To soar high above the clouds

Away from prying eyes and noisy cars

Lulled to sleep by gentle turbulence… 76 more words


Enchant Christmas

If you haven’t gone and checked out Enchant in Vancouver yet, you must go! I had a blast last night walking around this spectacular light maze. 195 more words


NiOh PSX 2016 Trailer

Team Ninja is at PSX and while I hope for Ninja Gaiden 4 and didn’t see it I was happy to see they brought NiOh. Not only did they bring their new action title but it has a new trailer that you might want to see. 13 more words


November's Adventure

Remembering last month’s sixteen day adventure:

My senses flood with a synthesis of cities and sunsets I breathed in for the first time. The gaps that formed between my expectations and reality of this trip were satisfied by a flood of intimacies and connections in places I never predicted: 84 more words