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Craziness, Chaos & Christmas

With three weeks left until the big day, how are you coping? Are you struggling with endless crowds, who are tying to shop before the next lockdown? 389 more words

Get a Jeep, they said... it'll be fun, they said

As usual, I’m well overdue for updating our blog, but that’s because earlier this summer, hubby and I did a thing. We got a Jeep! We’ve now spent over a dozen weekends taking our new wheels over big hills and through the woods, but first, let me explain how we ended up here. 1,408 more words


Should I

To be song angry,

So so, well it almost…

Almost as I forgot how iy has been,

To be honest its wasn’t about any of, it was of, 52 more words


The Whispering Mountain

Here’s a book I picked up at Blackboys last Sunday.

I’m fairly certain I was given a copy after one of the W.H.Smith’s sales in January 1968, 69 or 70. 299 more words


the thing about plans... 2


Long time no post. Sorry about that. My life got a little more stressful at work over the last weeks. So I really needed a weekend away. 312 more words


Bonds of Brass

Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie

Bibliographic Information:

Title: Bonds of Brass

Author: Emily Skrutskie

ISBN: 9780593128893

Publisher: Del Rey

Copyright Date: 2020

Genre / Format of the Title: 699 more words