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It has been difficult to write for awhile as I have been either trecking or visiting shamans in small pueblos where aren´t any internet cafes. So I´m a little behind in my writing. 372 more words


Creating the New Year

New Year’s is a between time, a chance to pause in the state of consciousness between worlds, to reinvent yourself, and visualize compassion in the world. 171 more words


Where is Home?

We all make a home somewhere, I suppose. The future, the past, the feel of our body as we play soccer or run in the park, the mathematic equations of a scientific equation, the notes of the music as it takes us through a memory, the love for another. 147 more words


Just let it all go

In a workshop of spiritual seekers J was a pragmatist. “Where exactly is Spirit? I mean where exactly?” Is he going to go looking under the couch cushions? 443 more words


Wishing Bones

Dark as night. Tall as day.

Where are the wishing bones I left out to dry?

The sun’s branches reach down while the tree reaches up… 222 more words


Shamanic Journeying - Witnessing

Witnessing ourselves is like being at a baseball game as both a player and a fan. We can watch ourselves hit a home run, or tumble on the field as we fumble a play, cheering ourselves on. 448 more words


Shamanic Journeying - The Power of Compassion

Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. Merriam-Webster

In a world where we’re taught that material possessions, strength, and weapons, are powerful, how do we relate to the power of something that at first glance seems like merely a feeling? 388 more words