The Strangest Place on Earth - According to Megan (Part 2)

We got kind of twisted around at this point. Which is just around the corner from the giant stone animal.  Then we got stuck in a Maze :(  But their motto is “the more you’re lost the more you will see.”  405 more words


The Strangest Place on Earth - Field Trip Friday #23

Today’s field trip was an adventure to the Yorkshire Dales to see one of the strangest sites I have ever seen. We traveled about an hour in Mr. 488 more words

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A Cuppa

It has been a bit of a day….. seventh grade math meltdowns, too damp outside to dry the clothes and too hot to run the heat to dry them on the radiators. 281 more words


Richmond Castle - English Heritage Site

On Monday, before we had our picnic feast along the river, our friends walked us up to Richmond Castle.  As I was telling you yesterday Richmond Castle is another English Heritage site.   183 more words


A Picnic, a duck race and a queen

Yesterday was a bank holiday here.  Schools were closed and most people were off work.  Some dear friends of ours, Giles and Nancy, invited us to go on a picnic in nearby Richmond.   370 more words


Field Trip Friday # 22 (part 2)

After our visit to Binchester Roman Fort there was a nearby site that I was very much wanting to see.  Mr. Ray drove us a few miles down the road to Bishop Auckland.   209 more words


Field Trip Friday # 22

This Friday our history teacher and school bus driver, Mr. Ray, picked us up and we headed just down the road to Binchester Roman Fort.  Mr. 320 more words