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Weekend Entertainment

In spite of missing a post for only the second time in nearly 4 months, I had a really wonderful weekend with Quitterie! She got here on Friday around 8, after several unavoidable delays (which gave me time to vacuum and obtain blankets so that she could use my duvet as a bed and we could both still have covers) so we stopped for dinner at a pub on the walk home. 1,698 more words


It Is Finished!

Well, I stayed up so late writing that paper about how “the question of slavery” informs Brontë’s novels, that just as I closed the document, birds began to chirp, and when I got into bed I found that the world outside was a little brighter than my room. 384 more words


"Fear Is Like Flames...

both will kill you if they catch you.”

I love the random pretentious writings that people leave on desks in the library. And since that essay isn’t due until Tuesday, I had plenty of time to analyze these things in lieu of being really productive. 61 more words


In Lieu of Writing My Childhood Paper...

It hit me today that it’s already May, somehow. I’ve got one more month, give or take a day or so, before I leave the UK. 245 more words


This Post is Brought To You By The Letter M


In a return to this blog’s other theme besides jiu jitsu and going places, I made delicious food this morning, and took a picture to share the glory with you. 421 more words

Tuesday, or: Suddenly, I'm Awful At Coming Up With Titles

So, another day. Nothing particularly interesting–– went to class, went to second class to find that it was cancelled, took a survey on domestic violence from a woman who consistently tried to summarize my answers in ways that were not at all what I meant, (e.g.: “What do you think causes domestic violence?” “I think… society pushes these idea aggression is a good way to solve problems, and that women don’t really deserve respect, and it’s legitimate to use violence to vent your frustration––” “Lovely, I’ll just list your answer as, ‘frustration.'”) Then I ate lunch, Facebook chatted with Quitterie, went to more class, dug around my backpack for enough change to buy a lemon from Sainsbury’s, walked home, made such nice pasta, then failed to take a picture of it,* marveled at the fact that I knew I wanted lemon juice in my pasta and then enjoyed it even though I… 256 more words

Saxophones and Honey in the Sun

I just spent an unseemly amount of time trying to come up with some sort of title that would encompass today’s disparate non-events, but failing to come up with anything clever, I’ll just link you all to the song I’ve been listening to all day. 624 more words