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“You’re a Parisian
snowman!” the young
girl, bundled up to her

eyeballs exclaims as
she places a beret on
top of a newly formed

snowman. He’s a bit lopsided, 109 more words

Adventures In Writing

Sometimes I find myself
watching snow falling from
beyond the window

and wondering if I,
too, am being watched
falling from a pedestal.

A pedestal that I… 51 more words

Adventures In Writing

What's in a name?

You know how sometimes you just look at someone and think, “Yeah. Your name definitely fits you”?

Is it because you can see the name their parents gave them written on their face? 212 more words


Minutes to spare

I’ve got eight minutes to write this post and have it go public.

Eight minutes isn’t a very long time, but in some cases, it could feel like forever. 146 more words


The CPCE: A narrative

At 7:03 this morning, I woke up to a text message (a rarity).


No Ben. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to take this exam. 494 more words


Adventures in Writing: Writing Drunk

There’s a certain myth that writers actually write better when drunk. F. Scott Fitzgerald did it, Ernest Hemingway did it, as did Oscar Wilde. Hell, Lewis Carroll supposedly dabbled with Absinthe and narcotics. 223 more words


Adventures in Writing: The Block

This is what happens when you start to write:

At first, you’re incredibly enthusiastic. Your muse is flowing. You have ideas! Brilliant, absolutely, utterly unique ideas. 279 more words