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But I thought you just said....?

Like most things in life, the more you write, the better you get. You discover your personal writing style, your voice. As you progress you hit some tricky issues. 412 more words


Writing Tip: "Sense" Your Scenes

I try to read a book a week; it’s usually on a Saturday, when I have time to sit down and read a good chunk at a time.   391 more words


Writing Craft 101 – Internalization, Part 3

(This blog post is a continuation of my never ending quest to improve my 1st person internal monologue, better known in fiction writing as internalization.) 1,030 more words


Day #58: Routine breaking of routine

Today I learned adverbs and the lesson also delved into nouny adverbs. This is where my lack of formal language training is hurting. What in the world is a nominal adverb? 138 more words


Guardians of the Language

International bestseller, John Lescroart once said something to a small group of authors that has always stuck with me.

“You are the guardians of the language so choose your words precisely.” 628 more words

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Adverbs Explained


Adverbs of manner describe how something happens. Where there are two or more verbs in a sentence, adverb placement affects the meaning.


She decided to write her paper. 305 more words