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Every name is called a noun.

In place of noun the pronoun stands.

The adjective describes a thing.

Most verbs mean action, something done.

How things are done the adverbs tell.

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Why Do Some Writers Hate Adverbs?

“The hatred of adverbs amongst writers, and specifically teachers of creative writing, has become so commonplace, so unquestioned, and so unthinking, that it ranks only with ‘show, don’t tell’ as the most ubiquitous cliché in writing advice.” Colin Dickey… 749 more words

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Proceed with caution: adverbs and adjectives ahead

We have all read one of those books where there is SO. MUCH. DETAIL. It’s tough going, it’s hard, and a lot of the time we skip over it. 1,725 more words


Adverbs are bad in fiction? Seriously?

When you type “using adverbs in novels” in the Google Search box, you get the following first five results:

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Wednesday Writing: Weak Writing

Hi everyone,

Since today is Wednesday, I am back with another writing warrior post to keep you all busy. I hope everyone’s Easters are going well, and that everyone reading this is currently chomping down on a lot of chocolate. 1,730 more words

Adverbs of Frequency

Saying how often you do something is very common in the speaking exam, especially in part one. 

Think about the gym – how often do you go there? 536 more words