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My writing, a convention and some tips

Last weekend I seized the opportunity to attend a writers’ convention. It was the first time I’d gone to the Rockingham Writers Convention, and for those of you who’ve been to the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, it’s not dissimilar. 948 more words

Fact (sort Of)

The eyes of a reader who needs to sleep

So I mentioned that I was going on holiday in September/October, and that I was going to read a book while I was on tour. 396 more words


The Aging Writer

I’ve noticed a few subtle changes in my writing process.

Those eloquent ‘perfect’ words that once rolled off the creative conveyor belt, unfettered, no longer do. 240 more words

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Adjectives, Do or Don’t?

Adjectives are a big sticking point for writers and editors. Numerous ‘How to Be a Great Writer’, ‘Ten Tips for How to Become a Writer’, ‘How to Write for Just Two Minutes a Day and then Become JK Rowling’ style articles make the same basic points — make characters believable/consistent/likeable, try to avoid excessive grammatical errors, begin with action and, of course, cut all adjectives. 890 more words


You are a Writer

Worried about whether you are really a writer? Well fret no more – you are, indeed, a member of that illustrious breed. And here’s why. 136 more words


Weed Out Weaklings

Imagine sitting at your computer or (for the Luddites among us) at your typewriter. Your newest sparkling prose sits comfortably in view, and yet no matter how much you love every carefully crafted syllable, you still have an inkling that there might, just possibly, be room for improvement. 807 more words


Plot hints: the 'Goldilocks' balance

The opening chapters of any novel are crucial. You have to give readers some information to locate the story and the people, and enough to intrigue them and make them want to read on. 484 more words