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How To Teach Adverbs - Placement And Meaning

Adverbs can be tricky, where to put them, the different types there are, and even how to make them for your lower level students. Here is my comprehensive guide to adverbs, how to use them and when. 304 more words


Declutter your text: use modifiers in moderation

Modifiers are adjectives, adverbs or phrases whose only purpose is to modify a noun or verb. They are to language what accessories are to clothing. Used unwisely, they can ruin the whole thing. 621 more words


Drive Slow?

This sign drives me crazy.

As soon as I see DRIVE SLOW, I wonder do they want me to drive slowly?  Or does the condo complex want me to drive like a moron? 236 more words

Adverbs of Frequency

This is good for A1-B1 levels. I am attaching the two worksheets I used below, but you can also create your own phrases. I use this as controlled practice after having introduced the a) meaning of adverbials and b) the position of the different ones (quick rule: short adverb phrases before the verb, longer phrases at the end of the phrase). 135 more words

Grammar-based Activities

The Right and Wrong Advice

Every writer, myself included, has advice for other writers. Some of this is excellent and comes from a place of expertise. Some of it is terrible and no one should listen. 416 more words


Confused By Adverbs?

It’s okay if you’re confused by adverbs! I’ve been writing for more than ten years and just recently discovered what they are and how NOT to use them. 588 more words


The King

Stephen King is a writer whose reputation precedes him. He is not only known for his writing, but also for his writing on writing. He is oft quoted, much admired, and beloved of legions of fans. 381 more words