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My WIP's Fourth Revision - Editing (6)

My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Eliminating Adverbs

I edited filter words.

I will continue to use a discarded scene from my First Draft as an example for editing.  1,614 more words


Those ly Words

The use of “ly” words tends to be frowned on by the majority of writers and sites where one finds writing tips.

There is an excellent word detective at… 265 more words

About Writing For Writers

“Then” is not a conjunction. And usually "then" is not needed.

“Then” is an adverb and cannot be used as a conjunction, even though many of my students think it can.

Wrong:  I went swimming, then I took a shower. 283 more words


Modifier Monday: Use Sparingly

Hey! Happy Monday!

So, I had a feeling this would happen eventually but I’m kind of running out of things to say about modifiers. This will be my last Modifier Monday post. 431 more words


Trump Not Coming to Forestville Saturday

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is coming to Connecticut Saturday night for a rally at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. Unfortunately, for local Republicans, he will not be coming to Forestville and they are very, very disappointed. 204 more words

Local Characters

Adverb Or Not To Adverb!

I do a lot of critiques for different writers during the week. Some of the writers are very polished; others, not so much.

The one thing I’ve noticed in all levels, is an abundance of adverbs. 255 more words