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I published my first novel innocently, by which I mean I wasn’t fully aware of most rules surrounding fiction writing, as expounded by editorial and marketing experts.

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Stephen King: The Adverb is Not Your Friend

This great advice from Stephen King comes from his essential book On Writing. It’s filled with writing tips and insight into his life and writing process.  599 more words

Writing Inspiration

Views of My Writing 'Friends'

Today, I thought I would use some images to update you on how life is going.

DC is on the hunt for adverbs again (or still). 84 more words

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Rules for Writers

Over the last few years I have come across several posts on this subject. Very often, the emphasis has been on what to avoid. For example, the aspiring writer should avoid adjectives, adverbs, verbs ending in ‘ing’ and the passive voice. 967 more words


Social Media Commenting: The Terminology of Praise

As a photographer, I look at a lot of photos: adorable photos, bad photos, memorable photos and sad photos. Most of the time it’s pure voyeurism; other times it’s for creative inspiration. 734 more words


Coates, "Between the World and Me"(race as a social construct)

“But the belief in the preeminence of hue and hair, the notion that these factors can correctly organize a society and that they signify deeper attributes, which are indelible – this is the new idea at the heart of these new people who have been brought up hopelessly, tragically, deceitfully, to believe that they are white.” 43 more words

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Writing as One Profit Center

I was in the mood to read a book today so I snagged a book I’ve been working my way through from the bookshelf. I’ve mentioned this book before – … 553 more words