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How to use adverbs and adjectives

A slight change in direction this week as I’m reblogging a piece my wife wrote about adverbs and adjectives and their use. Their use can be an issue for writers, even communication people so read on! 154 more words


According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary,  the word pretty is an adjective, but it can also be an adverb, a noun, and a verb. — I guess you’re pretty much confused now. 68 more words


Much Ado About Adverbs

A lot of writers hate adverbs.  They are ‘the enemy’, ‘lazy’, ‘timid’, and Stephen King believes the road to hell is paved with them.  I had an instructor who would always circle them on my work and tell me – not ask me – to change them because ‘good writers didn’t need to use them.’  I wanted to pull my hair out. 513 more words


Avoid using adverbs for better writing

When we are in elementary school, teachers tell us to use adverbs. When we reach high school, teachers tell us not to use adverbs. What’s going on? 330 more words

Revising Weak Verbs

Writing Craft 101 – Internalization, Part 4

For part four of this series on character internalization, I have the pleasure of examining a bit of work from writer Amanda K. Thompson. Thanks so much, Amanda, for granting me permission to use your writing for today’s blog post. 874 more words


No Adverbs Allowed

The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
—Stephen King

When I first started writing I searched for just the right adverb to describe an action. 251 more words