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Writing Is the Least Important Part of Your Book

Writers, put down those red pens, because I have bad news for you.

We’ve all seen the lists of words to weed from your prose, phrases editors hate, little pet peeves that get on other writers’ nerves, and even those of a few readers. 1,471 more words


Good or Well?

Though they are frequently used words, good and well are often confused. The basic rule of thumb is that good modifies nouns and pronouns, while… 353 more words



Adverbs have become a catch-all category for parts of speech. While most famous for modifying verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs, they can also modify noun phrases, clauses, and sentences. 333 more words


ESSENTIAL WRITERS TIPS – Cut Adverbs — The Art of Beautiful Expressions.


To use or not to use adverbs is one big controversy in the writing world. The rule is to use them sparingly if at all. 346 more words

All Things Writing

Stop Awhile, Stay A While

You know how annoying it is when your computer thinks it knows better than you. Don’t you absolutely hate those red squiggles? I know I do. 617 more words

Common Mistakes

Getting a Firmer Handle on Word Order

In an effort to help an advanced student avoid awkward wording, I’ve been reviewing standard word order in our lessons. Some rules have been easy to state and reinforce, like putting the subject before the verb in statements and embedded questions. 68 more words


Adverb in Dialogue

As many writers will tell you, adverbs are of the devil’s script. We use adverbs to get our point across, to enhance sentences in our prose. 313 more words