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P R O B A B A L L I S T I C A L L Y   adv.   The caliber most likely to be blamed when you shoot yourself in the foot.


A New Writing Editor I'm Trying Out

I saw this program on StumbleUpon and it only costs $9.99 so I decided to give it a try.  I will let you know as I use it, but so far it looks like it will improve my edits.   222 more words


A Farewell to Adverbs

Is the adverb dead? Does it matter? Think about this sentence:

‘He ran quick’.

This should, of course, read ‘He ran quickly’. ‘Quickly’ modifies the verb ‘ran’. 216 more words

Newly released hyphen use

I lied. This use of the hyphen on the Yahoo! front page is not new; in fact, this mistake happens every day on Yahoo!:

There’s no reason to put a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word that it modifies. 18 more words


[Writing Tips] Don't adverb yourself

Adverbs are clumsy. Adverbs are crutches. You fall back on to adverbs when your verbs are not strong enough. Or your characters are not defined well enough. 242 more words

Writing Tips

COVERSCRIPT TIPS - Adverbs are Evil

Adverbs are evil…at least when writing screenplay action blocks/narrative description.

Writing action blocks using adverbs is yet another writing cop-out.

It makes for easier writing, yes. 193 more words


It's there, I tell you...

The writing life has changed considerably in the last twenty years. People talk about their “process,” their “craft,” their “journey.” They compare Social Media stats. They get new degrees. 248 more words