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Adjusting Strength and Focus

Reflections on Language for Interacting With Others (Chapter 4) from Adjusting strength and focus (pp.125-142) by Beverly Derewianka

This part of chapter 4 evolves around adjusting the strength or focus of meaning and/or feelings. 538 more words


Frantically writing Badly: The trouble with adverbs

I’m almost finished with my edits to Sojourn in Captivity, and I came upon something during my revisions that I thought I’d share with you. 591 more words

M.L.S. Weech

Literally has been one of my go to words since I was barely 9 or 10. Now literally every teen and young adult uses it way to often and they… 227 more words

Schnit N Shnivalry

Lesson 08: Death to adverbs — How Fred died with 2 adverbs

Lesson 08 wants me to murder adverbs — no adverbs near this post. Since I get confused with these stupid words I’m using an adverb detector… 595 more words

Learning To Blog

Strong, Clear, Concise Writing

Hello everyone!

It is easy to recognize bad writing and to identify why it is bad.  However, it is harder to explain why a piece of writing is good. 478 more words

Useful Articles

A Word About Mechanics

I’m talking about writing mechanics, not the folks who keep our cars running. (That’s a whole different breed of magic about which I’m not qualified to comment.) 981 more words


8 Rules For Beginners (And We're All Beginners)

Sir V.S. Naipaul is the Nobel Prize winning English author The Mystic Masseur and many other works of both fiction and nonfiction. As an aide to a younger writer (who was struggling to overcome the academic-style jargon of the University) Sir Naipaul wrote up seven rules for beginning writers. 737 more words

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