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An excellent grammar site

Good editing demands a good knowledge of grammar. Toward that end, englishgrammar101.com (external link) should help most people immensely. Both free and pay services exist, with the free tutorials being well thought out and extremely useful. 65 more words

On Dolly the Dog, Liv Tyler, Shibboleths, & My Favorite Part of Speech

When I’m feeling resistant to Strunk & White and other style shibboleths, I love to remember Schoolhouse Rock. During the American Copy Editors Society’s May tweetchat, we gathered to discuss “ 246 more words


The Hemingway App--Your New Favourite Editor

Most of the time I question why I’m part of so many Facebook groups. The endless postings about topics I was once interested in. But every now and then, a gem turns up. 260 more words

Give me back my adverbs!

Apparently one (of the many) signs that a manuscript is the work of a debut novelist in the liberal use of adverbs. Those fabulous words that end in ‘ly’ – angrily, lazily, happily, quickly, easily, wistfully, loudly – you get the picture. 234 more words


Dialogue Attribution - Pt 3 'Action Beats'

When writing dialogue an aspect to consider is ‘attribution’ also known as ‘tagging’. This is usually a simple cue to alert the reader to who is speaking and sometimes how a line of dialogue is delivered. 488 more words

Tips And Advice

Silence and Ellipses

Sometimes, adverbs define things for us, when ellipses are enough to understand the unheard, the unspoken, and the unrealized.

Some adjectives cannot summarize what one needs to explain, expound, or narrate, when a single punctuation silences it. 322 more words

Negative Adverbials and Inversion

Negative adverbials are words or phrases used to be restrictive, emphatic, or dramatic. They are used at the beginning of sentences and require one to invert the following subject and verb. 302 more words

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