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In Favor of Failures... (Part 2) - Avoiding Mistakes.

In Favor of Failures. Part 2.
(In Protest of Mistakes)

There is a difference between failure and mistake.

Failures happen overtime. Sometimes over a long time period of time. 333 more words

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10 Lessons From These Successful Marketing Campaigns

Take risks. Be memorable.

  1. Ignore conventional marketing. Instead be memorable
  2. Make your audience a part of the campaign
  3. Distinguish your brand from the competition
  4. Know your audience and cater ads to their interests…
  5. 212 more words
Lucas Compan

Solvia "Agente Personal" campaign (1/3)

Original music and sound design by Elsa de Alfonso and Pau Riutort

A film by Manson. Produced by Volga

Watch the rest of the videos of the campaign here.

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How you can retweet great articles and get some free advertising for yourself!

Here’s a great tool for you to try;


Here is an example of a snip I have done myself just now. I have found a good article about Small Business Saturday on Twitter, used the URL to create a ‘Snip’ and then I can retweet the article with my own sniply URL and at the bottom of the page. 42 more words


Chomsky Calls It 'Manufacturing Consent'.

Advertising’s Role in The PSYOP’s War on Society; The Common Man

Think Advertising is harmless?  99% of advertising is aimed directly at your subconscious.


Corporations and Governance, this includes Political Machines, Televangelist~Mega Churches as well, have long known the art of deception and manipulation of the masses; The Common Man. 539 more words


The Florida Kids and Family Expo

My Central Florida Family is the producer of a website going under the same name, as well as the Florida Kids and Family annual expo. As part of my final assignment for this class here some thoughts on why they should developed an Integrated Marketing Campaign for promoting their event. 715 more words

Pedro Felipe Rodriguez

Share information to earn better promotion of your business

Expression and communication are two practices in today’s world for success. It does not matter if you have a good plan or a good business or a good product, if you cannot communicate it properly to the crowd then you fail. 273 more words