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Infographic Assignment: The Perfect Espresso Made at Home.

    1. How content is created?
      • Contents is created through a combination of many different sources that are simmered down and then presented in a visually pleasing format.
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We're Being Lied To!

Would you agree that as photographers our eyes are constantly scanning our surroundings for the next photo that will finally ease our anxiety that we aren’t bad at art?  538 more words


The Importance of Branding

In the past, branding has been perceived as elements that allow consumers to identify a service or product. Through identifiers such as the company logo, slogan, colours, design or a combination of these, companies worked hard, and still do, to try and make their identity as strong as possible to succeed in branding. 507 more words


Comparing apples to Apple.

I remember 8th grade me, not that many years ago actually; I followed my routine by riding the bus home, twiddling my thumbs the entire ride waiting to boot up YouTube on my iPod Touch. 639 more words


Interests: None Hobbies: None

So I’ve been on a bit of a crusade the last few weeks: to have zero interests.

No interests. No hobbies. Nothing. Why you ask? 522 more words

Random Thoughts

Sales force

Going on a small road trip today to visit a good costumer of mine. I work in sales and a large part of my work is to book meetings and visit costumers to talk about marketing and how my product can be of valuable for them. 106 more words


Facebook Blueprint

I’ve recently learned about an aspect of Facebook I had never known about before, which is Facebook Blueprint. I sort of see it as a behind-the-scenes look at how advertising on Facebook works. 330 more words