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Basic Cost Calculation in Online Advertising

When you advertise online, as an advertiser, you are paying to acquire more business or to increase your brand & product exposure or both. The cost of online advertisement is based on what do you expect to get out of it. 657 more words


Who, me?

“Do you see this portfolio?  Like look at it. I would not even hire myself.  And that is truth.”

Just go with your guts, just do it, say it… anything…anything at all. 253 more words


Festival Spirit

Back from the Christmas holidays, with a tube strike on the first day of uni, what a great start! foreshadowing we need to move forward no matter how hard uni gets. 392 more words


Earn 50% of ur capital and 30usd within 14days!!

My friends,yes it is possible to 50% earnings plus your capital within 28days,also you may decide to withdraw your cash before 28days,after your donation has been confirmed. 197 more words


Facebook Marketing – Audience Network 的利與弊

「如果你不在 Zuckerberg 的世界裡推廣,那你和在垃圾桶裡宣傳沒分別。」 Hubspot 的 CEO 是這樣說的。的確,單單透過 Audience Network 的廣告, Facebook 每月也接觸超過十億用戶。既然是這麼重要的平台,你知道如何有效地使用 Audience Network 嗎?

Audience Network 是什麼

Facebook 透過收集及分析用戶資料,讓品牌精準地在 Facebook 社交平台投放廣告,但是怎樣才能把這種精準套用在 Facebook 以外的地方呢?你就需要 Audience Network 。 Audience Network 一眾經 Facebook 審查的手機應用、流動版網站和短片,當你投下廣告時, Facebook 就會根據目標設定把廣告派到適當的應用程式及網站內,讓你的廣告延伸至 Facebook 以外的網絡空間。 31 more words

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