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How To Allocate Your Advertising Budget 💲💲💲

Text I received from a client.

You can’t afford it.  You can’t afford to advertise everywhere. 

I know you’d love to… but there only a few advertisers in the Sioux Falls area who can afford to advertise properly on a lot of different advertising mediums. 1,062 more words


Door Stop? Table Leveler?

A selection from the 1965-66 Blackwing campaign launched by Eberhard Faber Inc.

The campaign was the brainchild of Julia Faber, widow of Eberhard Faber III (1893-1945), who became vice president of the company and later a chairman. 25 more words


A Live Action Version Of...

Of a cartoon that was drawn from life.

Do you ever find yourself thinking that the motion picture, television, and entertainment industry has long since been given over to pre-pubescent teenage accountants? 179 more words

Man Talk

Reasons Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency

There is an old saying, “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it”. Same goes for your company. You cannot build your Brand while building your products and services. 339 more words


Advertising. The Tango of Donald Trump and Nike.

“Heat sells better than light.”

Jen Lawrence

Outrage. Hatred. These are not normally words you would say are the way forward for a brand. In the past, a brand has always tried to have a position that was not controversial. 763 more words

Artwork of Clive Uptton

I discovered this wonderful illustration by Clive Uptton that was featured in the advertisement promoting Bell’s Old Scotch Whisky, published in Time magazine in August 25, 1952. 41 more words


Reverse engineering creative so it seems scientific.

The “science” behind the creative.

One of the things I’ve come to disdain about our business is how damn serious we take it. Not the craft itself — creating, curating and choreography — but the extemporaneous crap we built around it. 319 more words