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Social Media update - 3 September 2015

Today has been all about the refugee crisis in Europe, and the sad, sad death of that little boy in the waters off of Turkey.  He has become a symbol of the way in which the refugee assistance that Canada offers has failed so many people.  120 more words


Why Service Industry Workers are the Most Under-Utilized Source of Talent in the Ad World

Perhaps the next time you savvy advertising and marketing executives go out to eat or get your haircut, you should receive the tip. Your gratuity? Discovering the most underrated source of sales talent available today. 386 more words


My first robo-call, 3 September 2015

And so it happened tonight, I got my first Robo-call.  Very exciting.  Tom Mulcair’s voice came through the line and said if I wanted an English message press 2 – so I did, and he gave the spiel about having good MPs elected last year who worked to oust Harper, and that I should vote for them this time round so that they can finish the job.  125 more words


'Breakfast Club' 30th Anniversary Poster Set Captures Each Character's Personality Through Their Lunch Tray

It’s been 30 years since John Hughes released The Breakfast Club from detention, and one agency celebrated by designing a set of updated posters in the film’s honor. 76 more words


Mabel the model...

Mabel is not only our office mascot, she is one of the team!

Never one to shy away from the camera…she was more than happy to feature in our recent shoot with Bon-Marche, in Norfolk. 25 more words


Hat In The Ring

I cannot stand it any more. I have to join in. I am hereby announcing my candidacy.

Those of you in the United States can now officially resign from the Democratic or Republican or Tea parties. 337 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

Five Success Factors For Brand Campaigns

Achieving campaign metrics that may vary from  impressions to CPA, CPE or video views, can prove to be a challenge for advertisers and brand marketers. Here are five success factors that can help you promote your brand with a better campaign performance, while achieving your brand performance goals.  477 more words

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