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I, RS Calling...

No really. It’s all legitimate. I’m not calling from India…but I am just two suburbs away from Canning Vale…*

Goodness gracious me, it is perfectly correct and fine for me to refer to myself as I, RS. 232 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

As an Advertising Medium, Podcasting is Now a Force to be Reckoned With

The internet has continuously introduced new forms of advertising for marketers to familiarize themselves with. Well, the attention of marketers everywhere is now being captured by yet another digital form: the podcast. 829 more words


Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin’s Unconstitutional Ban On Foreign Butters That Don’t Submit to the State’s Arbitrary Grading Process

Protectionist statutes meant to insulate dominant state industries by restricting or banning sales of foods and beverages that compete with local products aren’t just inane, they’re unconstitutional.   413 more words


Content, Form, Fantasy

There is no content without form.

Neither is there form without content.

Neither one is greater than the other. As both have their unique roles. And as creators, we must take care to ensure that they play their parts to create the world that we’re aiming to create. 219 more words


11th Circuit Sides With Craft Dairy And Finds Florida Regulation Governing What Can Be Called “Skim Milk” Violates Free Speech

In case you weren’t aware, skim milk is a byproduct of cream production.  Skim milk comes into existence when cream is skimmed off the top of milk. 1,053 more words


Using A Photograph in Advertising or On Your Label? Better Make Sure You Have Rights From the Photographer AND the People In It. Natty Light Sued In Lawsuit Over Using Photograph From Social Media Contest.

Ensure that you get the proper releases if you’re using a photograph with human subjects.  Whether on your label or in your advertising – if you’ve gathered photographs from a festival or from fans through a social media campaign you need clearance.   964 more words