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How To Succeed As A New Business Person?

So you want to be an agency Rock and Roll star?

Work on New Business. If you win, you will have pats on the back, promotions, and smiles from everyone until it ends. 426 more words


Diverse Creative Juries Matter

Bravo 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival, September 24 – October 8.

The Festival’s juries reflect a diverse community. All but one panel had a person of color or a woman. 54 more words

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Important Media Planning Elements

This infographic highlights the essential components of media planning.



Start Booking Sites at the Airports as the Tourist Season Starts

Airport Advertising in India sees a remarkable increase in activity after September 15 every year. This is primarily because the tourist season in the country begins in this period, which sees a subsequent increase in the traffic at the airports. 226 more words

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Are Creative Directors actually creative?

Recently I was reading Simon Veksner’s blog. It was a story about Matt Eastwood and discussed the idea of how one’s appearance might affect their career progression. 791 more words

Ads with morality should be the vogue

What we buy depends so much on the ads we encounter on a daily basis. We make our choices out of options presented to us on various mediums, using various methods. 439 more words

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Things That Can Ruin Your Brand Identity

It takes a commendable effort to build a brand identity. However, small mistakes can ruin the name of your brand in no time. It may take years to build the reputation once again. 228 more words