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How to plan advertising media for business promotions

Business needs promotion to reach maximum coverage and exposure to the targeted customers. Then how to promote it easily within the specified budget? If that is the question you want to get answered. 902 more words

The Best March Madness Spot in History

This might be a weird thing to say, but nothing does it for me quite like a well done TV commercial. I’ve enjoyed television ads so much (the good ones anyway) in my life that I even decided to study the subject of advertising when settling on a major in college. 122 more words


I'll Have Two Scoops, Please.

The ad industry is abuzz with the recent accusations by Jon Mandel, a longtime media exec, regarding widespread kickbacks between media companies and media agencies. I can believe that there are kickbacks, personal favors, some tit-for-tat agreements, but the claim that it is widespread is difficult to believe because of the number of people that need to be involved, all either partaking in the fraud or looking the other way. 501 more words

A Matter of Efficiency

If you ask any media planner or buyer what the term efficiency means they will tell you that it is the way to determine relative value of different media and is usually defined as the cost per thousand impressions, CPM, of the media vehicle or buy. 333 more words


Vinnie Mirchandani: The evolution of Gutenberg

In line with my 2015 resolution of turning my Monday Peak Jobs News stories into positive posts it was a welcome tweet from Vinnie Mirchandani… 155 more words


E-Books, Print on Demand and Kindle (et al)

Vinnie Mirchandani has written two interesting blogs on his recent publishing experience for his book SAP Nation. I usually wouldn’t add a story with uses the Newspeak term ‘democratisation’ but if you can move past the sales pitch and spruiking there is really some interesting detail in both. 304 more words