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Jack Po!Tato's

We developed JackPo!Tato’s.

Closer to my heart is the logo unit. Imagine our team sitting ,visualizing how to get kids into healthy baked potatoes.

Character was required to be developed. 376 more words


Fruit of the Loom has Redefined the Definition of 'Business Casual'

I’ve always hated having to dress up, or ‘business casual’. I’ve always found that clothes that look nice, never feel nice. I don’t know if it has been my body type or my choice of clothing, but, I’ve never enjoyed dresses, or slacks, or blazers, or anything else that doesn’t have an elastic band to hold it up. 270 more words

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Aldi Takes a Different Approach On Christmas

This time of year, every single company that spends money on advertising is spending it on a seasonal spot for the upcoming holidays, especially those in the retail industry. 329 more words

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Similac Makes an Effort to End the Mommy Wars

Earlier this year, Similac produced a short film with a humorous tone that portrayed different groups of moms that represent the different choices that moms make. 367 more words

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Do We Have To Be As Busy As We Think We Need To Be?

In an article, I watched a video created by JetBlue that really put things, all life things, into perspective. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, or what your job title is. 335 more words

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Cracker Barrel Makes a Few Changes

40 years is a long time do anything…and according to an article on AdWeek, that’s the amount of time that Cracker Barrel Country Store has focused on using billboards to lead their advertising efforts. 348 more words

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Lifelike Crash Dummies Give a New Perspective

Acura has created an advertisement very unlike any other in the automobile industry. The one-minute video, “The Test,” produced by Mullen Lowe, demonstrates Acura’s commitment to consumer safety. 340 more words

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