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http://www.cinfiniti.in has to be sleek and modern.

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'The Mahabharata behind Marketing'

सपनों का सौदागर  

Brainstorming through play to better our services



Selling dreams is not that easy as it sounds. Every day at Art Studio is a lot hot mix . 37 more words


What would be ' Bollywood' without 'Advertising & Marketing?'

The lovely lyrics,

Pretty pictures,

Fantastic stories,



Musical Melodies,





Audience Fragmentation and Media Consolidation Are Hurting Most Clients

Typical media agencies are ill suited for getting client’s real value from media buys. Media audiences are fragmenting at an increasing rate. There are very few opportunities in mass media to reach large audiences, yet most brands need reach to drive new buyers to their brand. 259 more words

Advertising Demystified

Begin with the communication objective

An advertising campaign starts by identifying a communication objective. One important issue is establishing the right combination of information to properly communicate the message and satisfy the communication objective. 1,480 more words

Gregory Dean

How Advertising Content and Design Influence Buying Behavior

Creativity in advertising sparks emotion and motivates a prospect or consumer to react. The content of an advertisement is responsible for informing, persuading, and reminding—ultimately influencing buying behavior. 217 more words

Gregory Dean