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Who Is Minding The Store

The marketing world is being turned upside down. There are as many as 25 major media reviews going on right now, as I wrote about in my last post. 355 more words

Hirings going on ....

Aggressive, Handsome & Premium Job Openings.

Mark a copy of your resume to sumita.jetley@c-infiniti.in today.

http://www.c-infiniti.in 13 more words


'Jingles'that made the products..'them'

“लाइफ बॉय है जहां,तंदरूस्ती है वहां!”

Nothing left to be said after above.Some compositions carry the Ad campaigns so beautifully just by being what they are. 8 more words


Life-style has an impact on our health.

Eating & sleeping patterns amongst the youngsters is a cause for concern.

Naturally, the development & economic prosperity has seen its own variations & as a result Diabetes cases in India are up 123% in past 23 yrs after obesity & the paralytic stroke.  89 more words

Social Message

Viral 'Bold Is Beautiful' Ad Supporting LGBT Rights Is Simply Beautiful!

 There is a video ‘ad’ making rounds that has created a strong ‘anticipation’ within the country & attracted very welcoming,positive reviews.

“Ogilvy” has taken a lead and endorsed the trend that ‘ 42 more words


http://www.cinfiniti.in has to be sleek and modern.

Our own Web-Specialists/Content-Team/Creative Director & Team all around adding personal touches.

After all, we are ourselves  19 more words


'The Mahabharata behind Marketing'

सपनों का सौदागर  

Brainstorming through play to better our services



Selling dreams is not that easy as it sounds. Every day at Art Studio is a lot hot mix . 37 more words