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Dairy products for LACRIMA.

Photography, food styling & retouching by Kris Shopov. Agency HUTS JWT

Food Photography

Light Three Ways

Week 11 Rant

It is getting cold out and I have to start wearing shoes instead of going barefoot. I love Pennsylvania but sometimes she tries to make me want to live in the tropics. 274 more words

Where Creativity Works

Cup of Light

Week 10 Rant

It seems there is always too much going on and never enough time to just reflect on what we learn. It is always rush, rush, and rush. 405 more words

Where Creativity Works

A CPA To Keep You Afloat

My idea of a CPA! My buddy Greg Barton know his business and is smart enough not to be uptight about it LOL! Great guy, great fun and the go to CPA for sure! 27 more words

Photographers in New Jersey | NYC Taste | OSP Our Studio Productions

   Working in NJ, and being so close to NYC is one of the best benefits of living and working in our area. Yes, it can sometimes seem very crowded, and yes, it actually is jam-packed with people and cars. 181 more words

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The Mask Behind The Shoes

The masked woman behind my photographs for Shoe Envy, Maria Bertrand. In front of one of the mesmerizing unique art works by Emma Ferreira… 67 more words