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  2. cosa dobbiamo fare in questo assignments 
  3. ora parlero di certi elementi che ci serviranno a fare foto potenti tecnicamente giuste … tipo luce composizione etc,, 
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Advertising Photography

No Explaining It

There are not many photos of me but this seems to be one of everyone’s favorites. I am not sure why. Behind the scenes in studio for a print advertising, editorial and video photo shoot for… 12 more words

Aerospace Parts

Photographing anything shiny is a kick! Finely machined aerospace parts fit the bill. You wouldn’t think Detroit for aerospace, but in the last year I’ve done work for several aerospace companies. 24 more words


The latest designs from DRAPEAU NOIR shot by ROMAIN STAROS in Lisboa

Photography: ROMAIN STAROS

Model : Zé Maria

Stylist : Nicolas Bonneville

Hair & Make-up : Lilly Garcia

Thomas Treuhaft

From "Tomorrow's Garbage" to Hollywood

Years ago when I was doing advertising photography for a living, I rented a large studio in Minneapolis with another photographer. In retrospect, it seems odd to have been sharing space with a person who was essentially a competitor of mine, but this sort of thing was happening more and more as the cost of rental space increased. 1,107 more words

This Is It

Among my very favorite photographs I have shot over the years. One of the most respected individuals in bodybuilding and fitness, my friend Doug Brignole… 63 more words

Here We Go!

Coming up to that time of year when all of the activities at the Palm Springs Air Museum really get going. Flight demonstrations, special presentations and programs, chili cook-offs, car shows and so much more fun! 78 more words