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Billboard - Shoot

I found my shoot very stressful due to equipment booking being difficult. But other than that I thought my models also weren’t the best for my theme but, they were the only ones who could make it that early to the shoot. 60 more words

DGP Level 2

Final Billboard Idea

I have decided upon my meeting with one of my tutors to settle on an idea for my Billboard project. This will entail me photographing a dancer in two different styles, one being a modern impression of dance full of colour and as high definition as possible. 230 more words


National Trust - Reasoning for my building styles

Researching places to photograph for this project was easy in a way because, I knew exactly what type of buildings appealed to me. I love really old, crooked houses which England has in abundance. 66 more words

DGP Level 2

National Trust - Researching places to go in Suffolk

I have decided I want to shoot in:

  • Lavenham
  • Bury St. Edmunds

for definite.

And I am researching:

  • Southwold

in more depth but, it looks like a good location. 36 more words

DGP Level 2

Billboard - Background Colour Options

I have debated using a white background or an orange background for my shoot.

I love the white and it reminds me of my inspiration from Kurt Geiger billboards. 34 more words

DGP Level 2

Billboard - Lighting Plan

This is my lighting plan for my shoot. This is the set up I used for my test shoot.

DGP Level 2


New Year, New News….

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with the lovely team at Greenhouse Reps as my sole representatives in the USA. 35 more words

New Work