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Vintage Swimsuit Posing At Muscle Beach

So excited to be the Muscle Beach photographer shooting the first new Vintage Swimsuit Competition. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. 46 more words

Working Your Way To Muscle Beach

If you are going to work that hard and do the show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, you have to get in front of my cameras! 164 more words


My favorite van wrapped with the most famous photograph I have ever shot! This photograph has been on maybe millions of flyers, brochures, magazine ads and more. 33 more words

The Sky Up There

Beautiful desert skies over the Salton Sea Airport. Scenery in our photo shoot provided by Bailey Daniels. Just the model, myself and my camera. So simple, my favorite way to shoot.

Models Have Opinions Too

Jamie showing how to express an opinion during our photo shoot. Makes it so much fun!


Those who enjoy talking about the Digital Disruption or Digital Divide will encounter a fine material and food for thought is this post. I decided to wait a bit after the original hoopla was already gone, regarding this amazing situation, and here’s a brief description of it all: 787 more words

MVC Blog Post

Chain Link

It can be fun to go get around and photo shoot in places that you might not think would be great. But then it is. My model here the very beautiful Randalene Sergent.