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Alec Soth

For my River Thames shoot I want to take an documentary approach to it. With environmental portraits, a big inspiration for this is Alec Soth, an American documentary photographer. 45 more words

Advertising Photography

Album Covers initial research

To start off my research I have gone onto websites such as pintrest, and searched on google, just to give me an idea of what different album covers exist, and to see if this sparks any thoughts about my album cover. 170 more words

Advertising Photography

The shoot

This is the lighting diagram for my final shot, which I have used for the Magazine cover.

I also tried lots of other lighting setups, before finding the correct one. 122 more words

Advertising Photography

TASK 2. Mood Board

Now that I have researched into vinyl records, album covers and photographers I feel that I now have an idea of the type of cover I want to produce. 146 more words

Advertising Photography

TASK 2. Research


To begin my research I asked my Dad if we could get some of the vinyl records that he owns out of the loft. 201 more words

Advertising Photography

Record Cover - CD Inspiration

I decided to go through my CD collection to get a feel for what I could potentially do for my own cover.

DGP Level 2