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Wolf Blass Australia, typically strong alcohol @14%


Smirnoff 40% alcohol by Diageo

smirnoffjamaicaWe out here at Smirnoff Summit! The girls are out in their bikinis, the bartenders and djs are bringing the mixes.


Smirnoff 40% alcohol by Diageo

smirnoffjamaicaIt’s not too late to come out to Summit! What are you waiting for?


STOP Pretending Parents Are Solely At Blame: Cynical Advertising & Obesity

I wrote an article back in 2014 documenting specifically the pernicious role of advertising & marketing in the obesity epidemic. From Coca Cola’s have your ‘name on a bottle’ campaign, highly refined cereal companies offering toys in their boxes, to huge Sports Stars advertising McDonald’s & Subway as if it’s a staple of their diet the food industry pay huge money to manipulate how we perceive food. 260 more words

Does adspend influence editorial coverage? Just ask Gucci (and don't forget digital)

Can the amount a brand spends on advertising affect how much coverage glossy magazines give it? You bet! A new survey shows just that. Well it does to a certain extent because at the moment it seems that Gucci is one of few luxury brand increasing its print adspend and gaining more coverage too. 282 more words



This is an opening of something new in my career. At the moment I am a classical guitar performer and composer who is finding the right ways to promote his achievements and thereby get some inspiration for new creations and results. 23 more words