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"Snapchat Wit"

It’s incredibly bizarre to hear your lecturer encouraging you to use Snapchat while studying for your degree. The two words “Snapchat” and “degree” hardly come into contact, unless, that is: you’re a) Snapchatting how bored you are in a lecture or b) taking some kind of “after sex selfie” while you’re living the uni life and feel the need to make the pair of you look like idiots. 210 more words

Just a short post this week. I’m recovering from a short visit to London, where I attended the first day of the TFM&A conference in Olympia. 230 more words

Creative Analysis

1971 De Tomaso Pantera.

A shining De Tomaso Pantera with the Trevi Fountain, in Rome, in the background: a pure form of visual art. It’s 1971 and the model was just launched. 36 more words


Snapchat marketing - are you serious?

Having found a link on linkedIn, I’ve just read a report that covers the new form of marketing: snapchat marketing! 

Originally i did question, are they being serious – the idea of snapchat is to purely send short pictures to your friends and aim not to have it screen shotted! 106 more words

Lavish Dreaming

Moscow Property developers Dronstoy developed this 4 minute film to sell their dream using dreams. More filmic that dream for me, with all that owning a property in Moscow provides sown into the flow.


Bad Mouthing

Tooheys lets your mouth loose and gives it a voice.


Cheese is Cheese

Obviously not when it comes to Jarlsberg.