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The 'Garage Sale Millionaire' who made his fortune selling people's castoffs explains how to find valuable items

The “Garage Sale Millionaire” has accumulated a small fortune finding interesting stuff and reselling it.

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The US Navy is completely overhauling its complex ratings system

“This is exactly what every other service does; it completely aligns us with the other services.”

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Walmart is making a comeback. Watch out, Amazon?

Even though Amazon is at an all-time high and seemingly rules the retail world, investors shouldn’t overlook Walmart. The stock has enjoyed a solid comeback this year and the company clearly has global aspirations for e-commerce. 47 more words


Chipotle to pay $8 million for 'outrageous' sexual assault

A 16-year-old Chipotle worker won $7.65 million from the company after she was sexually assaulted by her 26-year-old manager.

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Merkel and Erdogan say Russia has 'special responsibility' to calm Syria

Russia has a “special responsibility to calm violence and give a political process a chance” in Syria, Angela Merkel and Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

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