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Writing Playlist

I usually don’t like to have anything else going on when I write. If a movie is playing, I’ll end up watching instead of putting words to paper. 159 more words


Keep Your 20's and Your Skin Lively

Being in my early 2o’s, I’ve read and scrolled by many advisory articles stating that your 20’s are the years you need to live up. Well here’s another one of those articles, but with one difference. 598 more words


Meeting New People

I’ll preface this by saying that this post is a little hypocritical. Yes, I’m a writer. Yes, I’m an introvert. Yes, I’d rather spend Friday night watching Netflix instead of out socializing. 304 more words



As you know (hopefully) I’ve finished a book. While writing it, I had planned for at least two more to follow. Now that my novel is finished and out in the query trenches, I figured I’d start writing the sequel. 540 more words


The Only Piece of Writing Advice You'll Ever Need

As a general rule, I don’t listen to a lot of writing advice. I don’t ignore the technical stuff, like punctuation and cutting nonessential words, but I don’t take much of the stylistic advice. 551 more words


Why do You Write

I’ve asked myself this question so many times. My family has asked me this question quite a bit. The superficial answer, I want to publish a best-selling novel and make millions. 480 more words


Writing is Hard

I guess starting with the obvious is always a good way to go, right? Writing is hard. I should know. If we include school projects (which I do, I worked hard on those…kind of), I’ve been writing for 14 years. 576 more words