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As you know (hopefully) I’ve finished a book. While writing it, I had planned for at least two more to follow. Now that my novel is finished and out in the query trenches, I figured I’d start writing the sequel. 540 more words


The Only Piece of Writing Advice You'll Ever Need

As a general rule, I don’t listen to a lot of writing advice. I don’t ignore the technical stuff, like punctuation and cutting nonessential words, but I don’t take much of the stylistic advice. 551 more words


Why do You Write

I’ve asked myself this question so many times. My family has asked me this question quite a bit. The superficial answer, I want to publish a best-selling novel and make millions. 480 more words


Writing is Hard

I guess starting with the obvious is always a good way to go, right? Writing is hard. I should know. If we include school projects (which I do, I worked hard on those…kind of), I’ve been writing for 14 years. 576 more words


New Year Intention

Almost everyone I know agrees that 2016 was a terrible year. Everyone had their own struggles. I myself had a handful of hiccups (to put it lightly), but in the midst of all of the terrible, there was also a lot of good. 272 more words

Advice And Opinions