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Advice From The Editor: When To Quit Clicking

Even though it existed, Pinterest wasn’t very well known when I was planning my wedding. Now when I’m on the website researching wedding ideas and trends, I sometimes think “this would have beenĀ  352 more words


Advice From The Editor: Wedding Decor That Does More

I’ve yet to meet a bride who didn’t want at least a little decor for her wedding (and I’ve met some seriously low maintenance, “weddings aren’t a big deal to me” brides). 399 more words


Advice From The Editor: Picking A Maid Of Honor

Picking a maid of honor isn’t easy. Even when you think it’s easy. It’s a lesson I’ve seen many brides learn, and it can have a pretty big impact on your wedding day. 515 more words


Advice From The Editor: Five Things I Would Do Differently

With weddings, as with life in general, it’s good not to have regrets. Even the things that didn’t go according to plan probably happened that way for a reason, and wishing they were different accomplishes nothing but makes you feel worse about everything. 828 more words


Advice From The Editor: Should You Do Your Own Wedding Makeup?

Having other people—even experts—do my makeup stresses me out. Maybe it’s the lack of control since I’m not the one wielding the brush or the fear about the worst (if I had a dollar for every woman I’ve seen walking out of M.A.C. 279 more words

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Advice From The Editor: Wearing It Your Way

One of the first things most brides think about when they get engaged is what they’ll wear, and even brides who say they’ve never considered their future wedding much usually can tell you a bit about what they want to put on. 234 more words


Advice From The Editor: Why You Should Listen To Yourself When It Comes To Your Wedding

Last week I was on a plane back from New York and was entertaining myself with the New York Magazine crossword puzzle. Part way through the flight, the stranger sitting next to me started leaning over my tray table and trying to figure out the answers for himself. 261 more words

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