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The Tale of Three Brushes

Alright guys How’s your weekend going? My is really well I think. But time to catch up. So last time I mentioned how I finally confessed my feelings for si but I never asked to be in a relationship with her cause I knew 100% she didn’t want a relationship. 312 more words

"I'm building a lifestyle brand"

I always laugh when people say they are starting a “lifestyle brand” from day one. You don’t get to choose if you’re a lifestyle brand; you have to earn it. 261 more words


Wise words: “Chase not the grades but the knowledge.”

This is one of the wisest things anyone has taught me. It really did change the way I think and how I would study. So I hope it helps you too! 738 more words


Charged up.

So as I’ve been writing these blogs, I’ve tried not hurt people’s feelings by doing it… But today, I have had enough.

Girls, I really have had enough of YOU. 530 more words


How We Came To Homeschool and Why We Do- Part 1

If you asked me a ten years ago about homeschooling, my opinion would have been quite negative. To put it bluntly, I was ignorant to the whole thing. 854 more words

A Fierce Flourishing

Looks We Love: Euro Sportswear

While I was in Europe this Summer, I spent the majority of my time trying to adopt various cultural aspects of the people around me. One of the biggest influences Europeans had on me was, of course, style.  305 more words


Your HORROR - Scope for the week of: August 30th, 2015

Hello again, my friends.

Here’s this week’s group of prognostications designed to keep you out of trouble (if that’s even possible).

They range from pierogies to cadavers, and of course we can’t forget the lug nuts. 584 more words