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So you want to start a PR firm

Recently, a friend told me she’s planing to start her own communications practice, and she asked if I had any words of advice. My first thoughts were, “Don’t you read my blog?” “Haven’t you been listening to my journey?” But then I realized I’ve been sharing lessons, goals and experiences for the… 890 more words


Trying To Not Be Human Is a TERRIBLE Idea

Fighting was always my problem.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will say I’m one of the strongest people they’ve ever known. They told me that all the way through my recovery from when I crumbled under the weight of all the crap. 2,061 more words


Thoughts On Positivity

Today I woke up looking forward for a better day ahead, that something good might just happen. I have learned that to get a good outcome you need to have a positive mindset and change your way of thinking. 372 more words


Date Someone Who's into the Same Freaky Shit as You

And I’m not just talking about fetishes; that’s a whole other topic which should be between you and your therapist.

Why do we treat arranged marriages with the same stink-eye as drunk Las Vegas hitches? 531 more words


A Face

A face is just a face. It consists of two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Who makes up the rules to attraction? Why is it that your beautiful eyes that tell a story should be critiqued by how far a part or how small they are? 165 more words


People weren’t born to hate each other. We were created through love and the way you feel about a person grows overtime. Sometimes a person can do something toward you that’ll change your whole outlook on things. 373 more words


7 Things To Remember When You Have Trust Issues

7 Things To Remember When You Have Trust Issues

1. When you start to wonder whether you can trust someone or not, that is when you already know you don’t. 208 more words