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College Newbie

All my life I’ve been a lover of education. I love to learn and I love the feeling of elevating myself through knowledge. I take pride in reading books, I take pride in writing, and I  take pride in my grades. 379 more words


Do's and Don't's of College Packing

Summer is almost over which means it’s time to start packing for school. My first year at college, I definitely overpacked and filled my dorm room with a bunch of things I never touched. 523 more words

Facebook Advertising Review Series: Episode 1

When I started this business, I started by looking at my competition. I did some preliminary Google searches and quickly decided I could easily go down the rabbit hole… I packed it in and told myself that I needed to move forward with what was in my heart. 1,675 more words


What Happened to Respect in the U.S.?

This morning’s thoughts turn to respect. People are raised differently throughout the U.S. This is something that is clear from one individual to the next. One can argue that individuals influence those around them and in turn are influenced by others. 516 more words


We always know what we want.

However, so many of us miss out on opportunities that can lead to our complete fulfillment due to our own personal struggles with self-worth. 310 more words


2 Things I've Learned From This School

“Learning is everywhere. We learn something from our mistakes, and we also learn something from what have we experience.”

― Beatrix Q. Estanislao

Two Things I’ve Learned From This School:

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Things I've Learned

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There aren’t a lot of secrets to blogging, or writing in general. 290 more words