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I am considering upgrading to a personal plan. My dominant reasons are the unattractive ads and the ability to have more control over my theme. 23 more words


Writers: how to use your weekend.

If you want success as a writer, or in any venture, your weekend is your secret weapon.

You just can’t afford to waste two sevenths of your week if you want to be the best at what you do. 422 more words


Short Review of Ghost Busters (12A).

I would like to start with thank you for still reading my blog after not posting for a while. I have so much to talk about and half of them are films! 169 more words


What Women Really Wants

The priority of the masculine core is mission, purpose, or direction in life.

The priority of the feminine core is the flow of love in intimacy. 72 more words


anxiety | my experiences & advice

Hello all,

Recently a lovely reader contacted me and asked for some advice and what my experiences had been with anxiety. Therefore, I decided it was only right to write about it and tell you guys my experiences and also make some points too. 973 more words


//The Finding Our Feet Project: FINISHED//

Almost a month ago now, Victoria (hermionefowl) fromĀ Addlepates and Booknerds,Ā Eve (appletaile) from Twist in the TaileĀ and I launched the Finding Our Feet Project with the aim ofĀ uniting the teens and young people of the blogosphere by creating a video comprising of short messages of advice/support for other teens, with the theme of finding our place (or ‘feet’) in the world. 258 more words