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Is It Worth It?

Is love really worth it?  Is it worth the trouble? Is it worth the pain?  Can love every really be taken back?  Once given is it refundable?  216 more words


Cold Weather and Sad Thoughts

It’s cold outside and the weather just puts you in a negative mood. Tears fall and your chest begins to tighten. The weather brings you back to sad moments in your life and it hurts. 269 more words


Is this thing on?!

Do you ever just get that no one is listening feeling? I struggle with that feeling from time to time as I think all of us do. 527 more words


Wobbly Days

I’ve had my fair few of wobbly days. I’m having a wobbly day as I’m writing this. I was going to pull out my diary and scribble down how I felt in there, but instead I thought I’d type away on my blog. 448 more words

Thoughts & Advice

Concrete Jungle pt2

Quickly you capture the Instagram pic and then look for the perfect soundtrack for this very moment.

nothing seems to fit.

you let the songs play on until you hear the violin sounds fly. 156 more words


I did it myyyyyyy waaaaay: and you should, too

I love paper. I love paper journals and notepads, I love printouts, I love paper books. I love pens and highlighters and pencils and erasers and tape-flags and Post-Its. 1,122 more words