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4. The Angry Text

This is something that has helped me avoid a lot of pointless arguments. So, I think that I am right and you think that you are right, correct? 57 more words


How to Network Like a Millionaire! (For Travelers & Photography Bloggers!)

1. Write a Book Publishing a book gives you the ultimate credential. Plus, you never know who will be reading it. Imagine handing hundreds of people your book when they ask for a business card. 28 more words

Dealing With Change

Do I or Don’t I

When I was thinking about proposing to my girlfriend after nearly three years of being a courting couple, I was very nervous.   574 more words


Misleading Grit

Took a brief hiatus and coming back with a vengeance for a post that is very close to my heart…

Simple grit does NOT a good story make. 305 more words

General Update

The Best Pick-Up Lines

Here it is guys. The moment you’ve all waited for (not really). After months of scientific research, I hand-picked a bunch of the most creative, funny, flirty, sexy, impressive pick-up lines of the century. 903 more words


You're Not Good for My Child

Oh boy am I fired up tonight! It has come to my attention recently that my child’s biological grandparents are under the impression I am an evil person because I’m not allowing contact with him. 1,022 more words

April 2016

There Comes A Time

There comes a time when you realize you’re worth more than what your partner is giving you.  Yes, this blog is an entry about love and a broken heart and probably a mildly hurt ego. 928 more words