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Ten Things I Have to do Before I Can File My Taxes

There’s no point getting all the way to “Just Taxes” only to find I’ve forgotten my W-2 or my W-4 or any of those other letters that say ‘Important Tax Information” or “Reply Requested” or whatever. 1,463 more words


How to Dress for an Interview

As a soon to be college graduate, I have been planning for my future. The job hunt has been time consuming and demanding. But what I find most difficult (I may be exaggerating here) is finding the right outfit to wear to the interview! 670 more words

6.02 AM thought

You know that feeling when you finally figured out something? Actually I’m already figured it out since 2 years ago, I wrote it systematically on my old notepad, but I just found it again today early in the morning at 4 AM. 53 more words


Back on Track - finally

It has been a year since I thought my life was out of my control and I took a semester off school and went to Iceland for 3 months. 431 more words

A for Amsterdam

Of course there was only one fitting subject to start this challenge with, Amsterdam.

I’ve just arrived back in Amsterdam and I finally don’t have to write posts on my mobile anymore! 285 more words


13 things you should NEVER do after a breakup!

So I haven’t had too many tragic break ups in my lifetime (thank God) but I did have one last year from a pretty serious relationship and with that I learned (the hard way) … 1,680 more words


She Didn't See That Coming

Have you ever been blindsided? If so, would you say you were doubly upset when you thought you had prepared for nearly every possible scenario? 462 more words