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Her Own Gift!

“Mom, sh#t happens. And, we cope.”

Wise words from my daughter, Giselle, the bride-to-be.
I planned to write this week-end’s blog post about my shower gift to her. 256 more words

How to reduce your workload: advice from twitter

@teachingcharlie has posed a series of questions to his twitter followers. One of which caught my eye when he asked the question; “if you could offer a piece of advice on how to reduce your workload, what would it be?” 673 more words

Feedback (and Marking)

How to flag for Caught in the Web

I started the recordings on April 4th and finally finished them last Monday. And now I finally have the videos appended and uploaded to YouTube. The Caught in the Web flag is I’m sure the longest flagging in the game, unless you count farming for sigil pieces in Necro 4. 459 more words


Cost and Consumerism.

Hello dear readers I would like to have a fairly lighthearted chat about our symbiotic relationship with the beauty industry. I’ll preface this by telling you a fact about me…I’ve never been to a beautician or salon, never had the money or the inclination to let a stranger manhandle my cranium, which is why it might be surprising that I’ve decided to break the package black dye habit, not that I didn’t like it but because I feel like it’s time for a change and I don’t think I’d be comfortable bleaching at home because of obvious reasons. 478 more words

Check your account.

There’s a wisdom quote we usually hear that says: In life, it doesn’t matter where you came from or where’s your final destination, what matters is how you go about the journey. 282 more words


Blogging Advice 004

Disclaimer: Don’t be fooled, I am not a blogging wizard. 

That’s right, the disclaimer says it all, I’m not a blogging genius and I certainly don’t know everything about the blogging world, but whatever I have learned I would be more than happy to share. 389 more words