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Snapchat is testing an annoying new feature that you CAN’T ignore...

SNAPCHAT is about to start testing ads that you can’t immediately skip, according to a new report. Right now you can swipe off a Snapchat ad as soon as it appears, but that may be about to change.

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You will get banned from Facebook for posting about these six forbidden topics…

Here are the things Mark Zuckerberg really doesn’t want to happen on his social network (Copyright: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto)Facebook has finally revealed the rules which will get you banned if they are broken. 28 more words


Anniversary Special - What Did I Learn This Year?

Hey everyone, and thanks for joining me as I celebrate 100 Word Anime’s second anniversary. This has been a fantastic week and I’m really happy with how things have gone. 814 more words

New experiences in known places

Every day we’re told to discover the new, the unknown. We’re tempted by last-minute flight tickets to Madagascar, TV shows about diving near the coast of Mexico and our friends’ photos taken during their trip of backpacking through Europe. 763 more words


A Post About Music And Stuff I Guess

Once again, we find ourselves at 3am. Anna Sage is blaring in my ears right now, so the stage is perfectly set for a melancholic blog post. 934 more words


How To Keep Your Man Happy!

Hello Ladies! Lemme holla at you for a minute about relationships. I specifically want to talk to you about how to keep your man happy. I know. 1,554 more words