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The Way

One of the most commonly used analogies for life is a journey.  It makes a lot of sense, really.  We’re traveling from this life to the next, with a bunch of pit stops and flat tires along the way.   924 more words


Into the Future

Tonight and tomorrow mark the high school graduations in my hometown. In lieu of these significant landmarks, recent university graduations, tragedies such as the Seth Blatter re-election, the melting of the polar cap, and another year without a single one of my sports teams making the championship game/series…I share these words of wisdom… 925 more words

Just Another...

Culture Shock & How To Embrace It

When I first heard this I thought there is no way this would happen to me! You just embrace everything and you will be fine! But what I failed to realise is that somethings can be really hard to embrace when they go against your core values. 497 more words


The Importance of Plot Bunnies

For those of you who don’t know what plot bunnies are, here is the official urban dictionary definition (can’t get more official than that).

Alright, so ignore the fanfic thing. 349 more words


Why Are We So Unfulfilled? (1 minute read)

We are now living in a meritocracy society where we are constantly competing with others and ourselves. Constantly aiming for something greater and never content with what has been achieved. 116 more words


Its time for a vacation...

The past couple months, Ive been getting the most overwhelming feeling of wanting to disappear. No no, not in a suicidal way, just vanish for a bit, then come back. 149 more words

Wear Glitter

Arts and crafts are fun when you’re a kid, but when you start using glitter on everything when you’re an adult, there are some serious consequences. 231 more words