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Let's Talk About Sex

So, we’ve all heard about Usher giving herpes to a woman that he had sex with and then paying her off. Now, another woman has come forward and said that she had sex with him back in April (he’s married) at her house and then in New Orleans and that Usher never shared his diagnosis with her. 465 more words


Valuable Lessons — Orlando Espinosa

1. Life isn’t fair, but life is still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

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Dissertation: avoiding procrastination through staying productive

Writing up can be a long and stressful process, but how do you stay productive day after day? The long process of writing, re-reading, editing, and formatting repeatedly can make you very prone to not following through your efforts and fall into the procrastination trap. 784 more words

Postgrad Taught

The Hard Truth on Why You Keep Attracting Fuckboys

“Uuuuugh, fuckboys everywhere!”, my friends always say to me. Slightly sad, immensely annoyed, sipping on their lovely glass of sweet sangria, or whatever poison of choice they have for the evening. 541 more words


Word Power - Psalm 119:57-120

This week, we’ve been talking about the importance of choosing life. How do we choose life? By gaining godly wisdom and following God’s commandments, we can choose the path of life for our lives that our memory verse for this week talks about (Duet. 650 more words


Guardrails and Parenting

As parents, we often find ourselves micromanaging the little minions that run amuck around our house.  We are constantly on them about eating at least one bite of that vegetable, the rest of that… no… wait, (you take half of whatever “that” is off of their plate) the rest of that. 401 more words


Dear 20-Something Girls

Don’t just date because everyone around you is dating

Don’t date because you feel like time is not on your side

Don’t date because you want to fit in with your friends… 463 more words