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2354 // Blogger Recognition Award

There isn’t actually a banner for this (that I’m aware of) but I decided to go ahead and make a simple one which everyone’s welcome to use! 758 more words


The New PR - Storytelling

The press release is dead.

“Blasphemy!” shouts the dogged PR pro at their six hundred dollar double pedestal desk. “The press release is the tireless work horse of media relations! 328 more words

Hero's Journey

The Awkward Files

Whenever I’m at home, or around the few friends I do have, I’m comfortable enough to speak my mind. But whenever I get around anyone else, I seem to never know what to do. 355 more words

"Undercover Unsupporters"

If you’ve ever been in a circumstance where you didn’t get the support needed from the people closest to you, then you must have felt loneliness, a sense of failure, not being good enough, and maybe downright indifference coming from the other party. 248 more words


New Year, New Me?

How does this happen? How does a year move by so fast? I’m not sure if I can actually bring myself to believe we’re entering 2017. 503 more words


It's Time to Let Go (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Travis Tuckett

Founder & Owner of: Call Me Trav

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty, Food & Drink and Health & Fitness Writer… 221 more words