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Homesick ~ Moving States Feels Like Moving Countries

Hey everyone,

Last night my partner and I were talking about how we have grown to feel a little bit homesick. It inspired me to write a blog post about the feeling and I hope to assist you if you feel the same at the moment.  983 more words


Sex Addiction and the Vegan Diet

An addiction is defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

People with a  Sexual addiction alter the frequencyin which they have sex, which normally is once a week for those who have a commited relationship; the types of sex they are opened to; obessive-compulsive thinking related to these subjects. 595 more words


vy for your own attention

Breathe. Seriously. Right now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The world is a noisy, frustrating, emotional mess. You often have to shout over the din, trying to get out an opinion It might feel like giving in to some animal nature. 206 more words


Unprotected Conscience…

Unprotected Conscience

Her unprotected conscious deadly arrows and spits words out,
Shaped into lullabies of distinct harmony,
Causing one to retrospect intensively,
Through this she realizes that her unprotected conscious, 64 more words

This Week I Learned..

You cannot blame other people or situations for internal emotions.

I tend to blame choices that I have made for the way I end up feeling, when it isn’t an excuse. 40 more words


This Week I Learned.. 

You don’t have to fit the box to make your goals a possibility. Patience is key. If you take your time and dedicate your mind to your goals, you’ll exceed the expectations you set for yourself. 16 more words


Tips and Tricks Thursday

Don’t get me wrong I love people, I love my family, friends and strangers however there are time when I just want to live on an island. 172 more words