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My boring ass life!

It’s 6:04am, it’s spring and all I can hear is thunder but it’s so damn hot. I still haven’t fallen asleep yet, in 6hrs I’ll have been awake for 24hrs *sigh*. 560 more words


How to De-Beard Your Sink

I have tackled my first Productivity Saturday project!  I <3 my boyfriend’s face with a beard (I love it without a beard too but I prefer beard).   644 more words


Ways to Give Back

As Most Americans are aware, october in the states is breast cancer awareness month. However, we shouldn’t wait until one specific time of the year to give back. 345 more words


And the challenge continues 

Today’s blog is going to be about a more…darker topic compared to what I normally write about.

30 day challenge, day 3: what are your thoughts on drugs and alcohol? 197 more words


So You're In Love With a Mundane

Here’s an advice post. My intended audience is the geek who has fallen for a mundane. It may also help those of you living in a mundane household. 556 more words


Back To School Part 2 -- How To Survive Exams/Midterms

SURVIVE AND CONQUER THIS YEARby taking care of yourself.

If you’re in school, whether it’s high school, college, or grad school, you’re likely approaching your first round of exams/midterms. 550 more words


My trial shift/ chef search experience

Let me first talk about some of my experience going into a restaurant with my cv to apply for a chef job…

“Hello :) are there any kitchen jobs available at the moment?’ 344 more words