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I'm Not Sure What I Believe About God

I’m Not Sure What I Believe About God

When I was a young boy we went to church on a regular basis: every Wednesday night, every Sunday and every Sunday night.  517 more words


Eight Things Guys Do That Are Super Unattractive

By Gabriella Lozada

Spring is around the corner and love is blooming. In this new season, it is crucial that guys know and make effective change to suit what girls actually find attractive. 391 more words

Student Life

Facing the facts: God is not inside you

During an enriching conversation, a lady shared snippets of a speech that ​someone gave to University students. One point she recalls him mentioning was that when we pray, we are really praying to the “God inside us” in that we basically go within to draw power from ourselves in order to fix our lives. 530 more words



I don’t usually make a habit out of dispensing advice (especially unsolicited advice.) It has been my experience that most of us don’t care at all what you think, unless, of course, you agree with me. 567 more words

Making Summer Sweet and full of treats

By Madyson Miller

When you think of summer you probably think of the hot weather, spending time with friends, and family vacations. However, some people can not help but think about the food that comes along with summer. 311 more words