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Relax your a blogger they said. It would be easy, they said

Hey babes. While taking the time to develop new content for my future posts. I actually set back when a persistent thought came to mind. 606 more words


How to Stay Organized Now That School Has Started Again (Or, How to Bullet Journal in Grad School)

As most of us prepare for oversized sweaters and pumpkin bread, academics prepare for a brand new school year. While this is exciting for some, it can be overwhelming for others. 567 more words


Last Minute Back to College List (for my fellow procrastinators out there)

Hello, hello!

Since I am going into my junior year of college next week, I thought it would be fun to throw together a list of stuff that have helped me get through my first two years and may possibly be helpful for other people. 869 more words


Decluttering your life

Not everyone that comes into your life is meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes it’s the person that you’ve called your best friend for years and thought you would be in each others weddings is the same person that is bringing clutter to your life and is holding you back. 306 more words

Quote 58!

I apologize for the long absence. I would love to tell you there is some plausible explanation but truthfully, I just got lazy. I’m going to try to change that and start back doing the things I love; this blog being one of them. 9 more words


compared to you

Be cautious of comparing yourself to those around you. While it’s an easy – and natural – thing to do, it doesn’t lead to fulfillment. You don’t gain anything by judging their chapter compared to your own. 343 more words