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In other news: This weekend I had a pretty amazing time at Armadillocon.

For those of you that don’t know, Armadillocon is a SFF literary convention in Austin Texas. 672 more words


Psychology Says

Hey guys, so I have this quote for you today. I can’t say its a 100% truthful or not, so don’t go wreck your life or something over it lol. 48 more words


Advice That You Will Apreciate About Web Hosting!

Congratulations on your choice to produce a site! You have actually possibly obtained various concepts in your head regarding exactly how your internet site will certainly resemble as well as just how it will certainly operate. 24 more words


NOSTALIGA: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

As much as I have enjoyed starting on my exponentially growing reading list for next year, last week my mind began to feel strange, foggy almost, each time I settled down to work. 1,008 more words



Hi all,

Welcome to my blog.  For a long time I’ve been frustrated with life and no one hearing me, no one having time for me and everyone just telling me to deal with everything and that things will get better.   247 more words


7 Suggestions for Writing Awesome Book Blurbs

The Problem:

Many writers struggle with writing the description for the stories they’ve just poured their soul into over the last few weeks/months/years.

Who am I to try and answer this question? 1,719 more words

Dear Oxy, #50

Hello, readers!

Since I’m told 50 is a special number, Dear Oxy will be postponed to next Saturday.  It will be a Choose Your Own Adventure, where I ask you sequential questions and you answer them, culminating in a psychological profile of yourself, as well as a sandvich.

Yours truly,

Dear Oxy