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Once Upon a Courageous Turning Point 

Once upon a time, there lived a small, lonely little girl who thought the world of home, but was terrified to go to school every day. 712 more words


Forget me not

Kids, it seems like years ago since I’ve written — talk about neglect right? Its amazing that my last post was December 15th because it was that day that my life changed once again. 292 more words

{ twenty-one truths that will help you lead a happier, fuller life }

In my nearly twenty-one years of life, I have learned twenty-one things through a lot of trial and error, and through a lot of words of wisdom embedded in books. 1,361 more words

The Dirty D Word

I received some bad news today. It was the kind of news that sends you on an impromptu journey of people and places that should have been a part of your life, but are not. 783 more words


Dried Up (aka: Surviving The California Drought)

“I remember way back in the olden days,” says the old woman in a quavery voice, “before California transformed into the Great Western Desert.” She leans back in her chair and looks at the children gathered around her, their eyes filled with wonder. 503 more words



Living in the dorms, you’ll start off with excitement, loud clatter and festivities every night. As you mature through the process, silence takes over. I’ve become an expert at silence, I live where I work/study. 199 more words


Defining Victory

Victory isn’t always measured by what people expect. Victory is what you see as a comfort in living, the lack of pressures and the ease accepting a new day. 289 more words