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Overtime is overrated... Work for free, come on, do it for the kids...

Why are teachers never paid overtime? We attend staff meetings, department meetings, parent teacher interviews, open night, orientation, speech nights, overnight camps, induction nights etc all out of the goodness of our hearts. 291 more words


Fetch Quests, or How to Bore Players

Fetch quests are one of the simple default plots that inevitably turn up in the toolkit of pretty much every GM. It’s understandable why; outside of “Go into a dungeon and get rich” the fetch quest might be one of the fastest plots to prepare. 811 more words

Tinder, the ultimate Valentine

Every kind of person at your disposal, one swift swipe to the right could change your evening, or better yet your life. Sounds like a dream all too easy to achieve right? 1,039 more words

Self Help

BOSCHLTD @16325 on 11/02/2015

You may now sell it off and wait for next advice before re-entry…ref 705+80/0.434 (210/281/815/1300/919/3m).

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You should retain this for medium/long term i e those who wish to book profits on surges may do so…1024/0.58 . 13 more words

How to survive Valentine's Day if you're NOT single

Don’t waste your sympathy on singles this Valentine’s Day. They won’t be pressing their noses up against restaurant windows singing “Should’ve Been Me”, like you’ve been led to believe. 565 more words

Dating Tips

What I wish I'd known 5 years ago...

Let’s rewind back to 2011. I would have been in my second year at university and currently hating life. At that moment, I truly hated myself and that’s when I kinda went on a downward spiral but if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be the person I am today so I have learned so much from 2011 so let’s summarise; 1,207 more words


78. Calories

I was deep in thought the other day, whilst on a train from the south to the north of England, as to the importance (or lack thereof) of calories as a measure of food intake, and other alternative ways of monitoring our diets. 132 more words

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