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A Certain Kind of Person

One of the girls in my house moved back to America after being here for only a week. I am still in shock over it. How could someone give up on this so quickly? 1,260 more words


UNI: Portfolio Advice for Applicants

Hello fellow artists, as you can see from the post title today is about Portfolio preparation!

I know, I know it’s a tough talk but it must be had, so I have now applied to study Graphic Design at University level and I’ve been lucky enough to receive two offers at present so yeah I am happy. 615 more words


Red flags in relationships.

Please read.
You always get told to follow your heart, But if your gut is telling you something is wrong, please listen to that first. Your heart sees the good in people, the gut sees the truth. 680 more words

Domestic Abuse

How NOT to be zen

My last post was at some point in May last year. Wow. One way NOT to be zen would be to read over my past posts and dwelve into the cringe-fest which is me, ranging from 4 years ago to yesterday. 724 more words

"You look younger than me"

I get told a lot I have really good skin for being my age. I get told a lot by people younger than me that “you look younger than me”. 491 more words

What to Expect when you are Expecting Car Repair

As you reach into the pocket of your warm, heavy coat you notice snow flurries already beginning to swirl outside your window.  ‘I should have gotten the remote start option on my car,’ you think to yourself as you brace for the shock of cold about to envelop your body.  1,730 more words