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The Wild Animal Sanctuary: A Better Alternative for Captive Animals?

Note: This post is not an attack on any zoos, and I am not endorsing zoos that abuse their animals.

In my town of Denver, Colorado, the Denver Zoo is a big hit. 414 more words


Author Interview: The Book of BIG Questions

Recently, I heard one of my mom’s friends was making a book. The book is called The Book of BIG Questions, and it is being illustrated and written by Maha Kamal.  479 more words


Book Review: And Tango Makes Three

One of my favorite books to read when I was younger was a book called And Tango Makes Three. In fact, I still have the book. 502 more words


Tiny Giants: Movie Review

On the same trip to the Nature and Science Museum, in addition to going to the Whales: Giants of the Deep exhibit, I watched a 45 minute movie called… 481 more words


Book Review: Wicked Bugs

Recently, I have been reading this awesome book called Wicked Bugs. Indeed the title stays true to the book. It is about the nastier side of bugs (no ladybugs or honeybees here folks!) 607 more words


I Made a Horse "Movie"! (And You Can, Too)

Check it out:

This is called a zoetrope. It was an early technology for animation. A zoetrope uses persistence of vision to show you a moving picture. 101 more words


Great Gifts that Help Animals and Families in Need

1. Help an Animal and its Habitat. The World Wildlife Fund (“WWF”) will let you adopt an undomesticated tiger. No, they don’t ship tigers to your home but they do use the money to save the tigers by preserving their habitat. 317 more words