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Advil in the morning.

I was trying to write a poem. Like I do so when I sit outside in perfect weather and drink wine. Only this time I have a beer. 182 more words


It is all behind me...

It was the kind of pain that makes a 200-pound guy gasp even though he doesn’t want anyone to hear it. Out of pride. But as I turned to get up from my chair in front of my computer, it hit me. 232 more words

Tales From The Carenen Cottage

I’ve Got a Choice to Make: Tylenol or Heroin?

I’ve recently been experiencing some stomach and gastrointestinal problems. Don’t worry, this post won’t degenerate into an in-depth discussion about my guts – because EWWW!!  Therefore, in the interest of sparing you the gory details, I’ll just fast forward through the last nine months of my life. 619 more words


Advil: In praise of a wonder drug

When it comes to painkillers, Advil (ibuprofen) rules most of the time — for me. Other over-the-counter painkillers like Aspirin and Tylenol just don’t work. 208 more words


Day 163

You know those days where you feel as if you’re a superstar and that everything went flawlessly. You were super productive and got a bunch of things done that you’ve been wanting to get done. 135 more words

Daily Journal 2015

Our First Bite

My twins are 18 months old. Up until today they have played around putting each other’s fingers into one another’s mouths and laughing as one pretends to bite the other. 388 more words