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How To Solve America's $100 Trillion Problem Of Wealth Inequality

My Comments: Wealth inequality has become an existential threat to the future of American society. The chaos in Washington, indeed the election of trump to ‘drain the swamp’, is an evolving extension of this problem. 2,111 more words

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A tragedy is unfolding in the stock market that should worry both bulls and bears

My Comments: A tragedy for whom, you might ask.

I interpret this to mean everyone with money invested who cannot afford to lose a bunch of it. 736 more words

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Useful Social Security Facts

By Tony Kendzior, CLU, ChFC

These facts about Social Security are intended as general information for those planning to file for Social Security benefits. The idea is to help you get what you are entitled to and not leave dollars behind that can’t be recovered. 1,976 more words

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Beneficiary Designations: 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

My Comments: First, a disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. Second, in my 43 years as a financial planner and investment advisor, I’ve run across more than a few beneficiary mistakes that have been problematical. 948 more words

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Forget millennials — the real financial time bomb in America is Gen X

My Comments: Which generation are you from? I’m in front of the baby boomers, of whom there are many millions. They surfaced following World War II. 623 more words

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Another financial crisis is coming, and thanks to Donald Trump, we may not be able to solve it

My Comments: David Brown says current conditions resemble those of 2007-08, but a wave of populist nationalism spearheaded by the US president is undermining global institutions that ended the Great Recession. 780 more words

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Retirement living: 28% of seniors say it's worse than expected

My Comments: Let me disclose upfront that some of my income today results from people signing up and taking courses from Successful Retirement Secrets, an online school I created to help people retire. 1,014 more words