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Fitness and Perseverance

Lately in school my daughter has been super hard on herself and oddly giving up on tasks that may seem too difficult. I’m not sure if it is because 6th grade is a whole new adventure to master from 7 different period changes including a social skills elective, to her friends and activities…maybe she’s just ran out of steam. 645 more words

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The Cannabis Industry Needs To Support Advocacy. Here's Why

(Source: www.forbes.com)

By now anyone who follows the burgeoning cannabis industry or legalization movement has heard about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind an Obama-era guidance memo that provided a degree of protection for state-licensed medical and adult-use businesses across the country. 696 more words

Money Matters


(A selection of original working song parodies for the 2018 Oklahoma Walkout)

“Which Side Are You On?” (original by Florence Reece)

Which side are you on?  1,203 more words



I may have posted this late due to some reasons but the main thing is that I can confidently call myself a certified citizen journalist as YALA citizen journalism program came at an opportune time. 81 more words

Mania and Insomnia...

Well, after a looooong bout of depression, fueled by medication changes and an under active thyroid (which after some super advocacy I am finally being treated for), I am hitting a mania cycle. 288 more words

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Explore New Badges and Journeys

New Journeys and badges for STEM, Outdoors, and Civic Engagement!

Girl Scouts is always evaluating—and enhancing—what girls do, how girls connect, and how girls grow as Girl Scouts. 388 more words


Autism awareness month- Good or Bad? (Autism Speaks questions)

I’m scared about writing this article, scared about potential backlash and scared I’m over-reacting and/ or saying the wrong thing. I know it’s the internet and the internet can be savage but please, be kind! 113 more words