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The office of the president changed hands today.

My instinct was to wear all black, but in the spirit of hope, I wore a white and blue Aloha shirt with my black pants. 314 more words

Are You An Advocate or a Shit Stirrer?

I sat here going back and forth inside my head on whether I should post something or just let it go. It would be easier to let it go. 211 more words


Life with a Pre-Existing Condition

As we sit on this day, and watch as the new president is sworn into his position, I have to sit and wonder what will life be like for those of us that are living with a pre-existing condition. 371 more words

Using Sign Language as AAC

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a form of assistive technology (AT) that uses various devices and services to help individuals with disabilities communicate more effectively. 555 more words


A Peaceful Transfer of Power

Earlier today, between meetings, I watched parts of the inauguration of now President Donald Trump. Those are words I honestly never thought I would type or say or would be a reality, but here we are. 774 more words


Great Advocacy Article from the Insulin in Nation Website

Since my passion is focusing on diabetes advocacy, I would like to share this great article written by Jim Cahill the Insulin in Nation website. In short, it is a must read. 134 more words