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Rosary Beads tight, wrapped around my neck..
Hair pulled in pieces, curled around massive fingers..
Pushed down on my knees…not for prayer, but submission..

Mother Mary, full of grace, was the Lord with me.. 254 more words


Let's Make This the Year of Understanding Children and Adolescents

Here we are, standing on the threshold of a new year.  What will it bring us?  What will it bring the children and adolescents in our communities? 506 more words


I’ve Got A Canister Of Peanut M&M’s And I’m Not Afraid To Eat Them

Who in their right mind buys a humongous bag of peanut M&M’s?  Someone with four empty dwarf canisters? Na…someone looking for a tasty little distraction, that’s who! 1,199 more words

(because I'm Just Silly...)

Use your voice for children! I did.

This is a guest post from Paige Runion, Leadership Coach at 4C for Children.

I have often reflected that I am a product of 4C for Children, the regional child care resource and referral agency in our region. 561 more words

Advocating For Children

How does your afterschool program compare to the alternative?

As I sat in the waiting room of my doctor’s office recently, I picked up a copy of Parents Magazine and started thumbing through it. I came across an article entitled… 509 more words

School Age

Can you spare a prayer?

I have been advocating for my kids a ton this winter. Sending letters, changing teams, checking in on school-junk…just doing the regular mom-thing of making sure my people are well-cared for and full of happy. 556 more words


When and how to bring developmental concerns to parents

In 1988, I became a mother for the second time. Our first son, Matt, was a normal three-year-old boy, enjoying all the things that little boys liked. 890 more words

Early Childhood