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Proper string title casing in T-SQL (for Azure Data Warehouse)

As a disclaimer, I realise that handling string cleansing in SQL is not ‘proper’ or good practice. Sometimes needs must.

I required a scalar UDF which would do as much string cleansing as is reasonably possible, would run on Azure Data Warehouse. 706 more words


Which Windows?

We are having a dilemma over windows.

We have been given an excellent price for windows from ADW in Aberdeenshire and we are getting timber frame windows with aluminium cladding. 141 more words

Wagering in my old Kentucky home

The recently released Kentucky Horse Racing Commission report for the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years contains a positive — wagering in the Bluegrass State on live racing increased 4.84 percent to $197 million. 361 more words

Kentucky Derby

Old news to us

The front page of the most valuable real estate in business journalism earlier this week featured an article on outsourcing of sports bets to a fund manager… 246 more words


High On Fashion

Fashion is a language and it does not know borders and has no limitations. This thing was truly witnessed at the Asian Designer Week 2016… 1,947 more words


ADW Feels...

“I wanna be your one and only, Dwayne. You ready for that?”

On move in day of my freshman year in college, my mama said “this is the place where a lot of hormones rage.” My exact thought was “girl why are you telling me this.” A few months later, I came across a girl, whom later down the road became a sister to me, who insisted on giving her 2cents about females and relationships at a relationship 101 meeting held by some org on campus (sorry can’t remember everything). 297 more words