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How to easily clean an infected computer

Malware can be termed as malicious software, programmed by attackers to disrupt computer operations. Malware includes viruses, Trojan horse, worms, tracking cookies, spyware, adware, spam, scareware and other malicious programs. 291 more words


Most web pages include some complex codes in order to create an interactive and interesting content. Such a code is often exploited to cause certain undesirable actions. 23 more words



These viruses infect the files created using some applications or programs that contain macros such as doc, pps, xls and mdb. They automatically infect the files with macros and also templates and documents that are contained in the file. 19 more words


Types of Spyware

As the name suggests, this is software that is designed to harvest your data and forward it to a third party without your consent or knowledge. 124 more words


How To Uninstall Superfish Window Shopper From PC

“Get help to uninstall Superfish Window Shopper from Windows computer. On this page you will find a step by step removal guide to remove Superfish Window Shopper and other associated malicious programs on your computer. 649 more words

Delete Superfish Window Shopper

Banned browser extensions

El Capitan’s XProtect extends its coverage beyond simple malware, to block a long list of incompatible kernel extensions (which I will discuss in another article), and a rather shorter list of undesirable Safari extensions. 357 more words


What malware does XProtect you against?

In previous articles, I have detailed the security-related and other files which are updated silently, and explained the XProtect protection system, which checks for known malware when you try to open a file which is quarantined. 460 more words