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What malware does XProtect you against?

In previous articles, I have detailed the security-related and other files which are updated silently, and explained the XProtect protection system, which checks for known malware when you try to open a file which is quarantined. 460 more words


July 18, 2016 | Dream Journal

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I was inside a house where some of my family was, and I remember installing a mobile app that someone recommended (either a family member or someone on YouTube or someone with a large following of some kind). 684 more words


8 Common Types of Malware

Malware is a common term heard throughout the security industry, but it is also heard a lot outside the industry, because it has become so ubiquitous in the computing landscape. 1,156 more words

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Amazon Smart Search Description and Removal Guide

Amazon Smart Search appears to be a browser extension that is designed by Amazon.com. It can be added only to two different browsers – Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8+. 121 more words


Tech Terms: Adware

Most free software that is supported by advertisements. Common adware programs are toolbars that sit on your desktop or work in conjunction with your Web browser. 146 more words

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FedEx Delivery Notices Dropping Zeus and Fareit Trojans

Not all FedEx deliveries contain packages that users expect.

Security researchers at AppRiver have observed an uptick in spam messages that appear to be shipping notifications from FedEx, but in fact contain Fareit malware, an information stealer that targets email passwords and browser-stored passwords, as well as FTP credentials. 180 more words

What is Adware.DealPly - Adware Removal Instruction

Adware.DealPly is an adware program should be avoided and removed since it performs various intrusive activities in the infected system. Many security tools like Symantec, MalwareBytes, SpyHunter, Avira and others have detected Adware.DealPly as a malicious threat. 176 more words