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How to Uninstall Candle Jar Adware and Remove Candle Jar Components?

Candle Jar is an adware program that displays ads in your web browsers and collects information about your clicks and browsing habits for income. Candle Jar software claims some advanced browsing; however, it is mostly limited to watching more ads. 384 more words


How to Remove Outrageous Deal Ads from Your Browser?

If you want to remove Outrageous Deal ads from your web browsers, then follow this guide and perform the full removal process because this adware can be restored through updates if not completely removed. 684 more words


Get Rid of “My Music Life” Pop-up Effectively

“My Music Life” is regarded as an adware program which often get installed onto your computer without your knowledge and permission. Usually, it may be bundled with free software downloaded from third parties or unreliable websites. 158 more words


How to Remove Results Hub Completely

Description of Results Hub

Generally, Results Hub is considered as an adware program or potentially unwanted program, which can pretend itself to be such an application that not only has the capability of enriching your surfing process but also is able to avoid wasting too much time or money through offering the latest deals, coupons, discounts and other things about shopping during your process of online shopping. 755 more words

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Malicious Adware Uses Certificates to Disable Security Products

A piece of malicious adware dubbed “Vonteera” tricks the operating system into thinking that digital certificates from security companies are untrusted in an effort to prevent anti-malware products from blocking it. 372 more words


Microsoft - You're Fired! Linux - You're Hired!!

Following that favorite corporate maxim “If it ain’t broken, break it!”, Microsoft has been hard at work corrupting and destroying whatever was once good about their Windows product, if anything. 931 more words


How to Get Rid of Eridanus Completely

Description of Eridanus

Eridanus belongs to adware infection that attacks PC users’ browsers for its malicious purpose. Your browser will suffer countless pop-up ads windows while going online after being infected. 770 more words

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