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Infected and Redirected by L.yimg.com? How to Get rid of L.yimg.com?

We see this assistance request on Microsoft security community and some users are seeking for effective solution to remove L.yimg.com:

“l.yimg how to get rid of it… 223 more words


How to Remove Terdir.com? Removal Guide

Terdir.com is a kind of typical infection – Adware that computer systems are likely to get infected easily when installing the Apps online. Terdir.com is a malicious program supported by advertising mainly created for the purpose of profit. 68 more words


What is Cloudfront.net? How Can You Remove Cloudfront.net?

Cloudfront.net is considered as an adware program that has brought a lot of troubles to many people. It delivers content about network owned by Amazon, but unfortunately, cyber criminals are abusing this CDN to serve malicious content. 71 more words


77% of adblocker users feel guilty about it

We might not exactly be tossing and turning at night, but according to a new report, we of the adblocker-using ilk do have consciences.

The report… 658 more words


How to Remove Yahoo! Search by Pay-by-Ads - Delete dsrlte.exe and dsrlte.setup

Some computer users suffer from browser redirect issue by Rts.dsrlte.com. Actually this is a browser hijacker associated with another tricky files dsrlte.exe and dsrlte.setup. The malicious files may be brought thru free downloads, and once installed they will change your browser settings and cause Rts.dsrlte.com which then further redirect to search.yahoo.com. 54 more words


Types of Malware

Malware is a computer program used to perform malicious tasks. In simple words, malware is a combination of two words – malicious and software. Once installed on a target computer, hackers can potentially gain total control over someone’s data of them. 288 more words

What is Malware and how to remove it

Malware can be termed as malicious software, programmed by attackers to disrupt computer operations. Malware includes viruses, Trojan horse, worms, tracking cookies, spyware, adware, spam, scareware and other malicious program. 245 more words