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Google Dynamic Remarketing Best Practices

  1. Include images in your ads: Product Listing Ads convert more and have a better ROI than text ads. Remarketing ads with images reflect the same trend.
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Google Adword New Keyword Tab

Google has updated its keyword tab, Nov the keyword tab will have sub tabs of keywords, search term and negative keywords.

Now your don’t have to click various tabs to check and optimize you Adword campaign keywords.


Why should I choose Google Adword?

Why should I advertise on Google Adword? On average, for ever $1 a business spends on an Adword, they recieve $2 in revenue. Not only are these great odds, but your’e almost guaranteed profit! 198 more words

How does payments work?

As we stated earlier, you can pay for a specific word where your advertisement will appear when that word is searched for. There is also another way to pay with Google Adword, it is called “pay-per-click”. 185 more words


Paid Media

Paid media involves a company renting space on the site of a third party to advertise their product. In the new age of social media, sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are the largest players in the market. 206 more words

Heres What To Expect When You Hire A Paid Search Agency

You’ve found a huge accomplice in crime in crime to control your paid search advertising campaigns. What now? Columnist Pauline Jakober explains how to profit off upon the right foot taking into consideration your PPC agency. 1,617 more words

Google Adword Campaign

Google Adword: the basics

What is ‘Google Adword’? Do you know much about it?

I have done some research as to give you a quick break down, Google Adword is a method of online advertising by using the frequent searches within the Google program. 262 more words