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Google Aims To Improve Ad Experience By Eliminating Accidental Clicks

If you’re a user, accidentally clicking an ad on a mobile site or in the middle of a game is frustrating. If you’re an advertiser, accidental clicks lead to lower conversion rates. 120 more words

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The Mystery that is Google Adwords

It has been years since I first began to use Google AdWords and boy have the CPCs gone up! Doesn’t help that Google changes its algorithms every other week too. 125 more words


Three ways Google is reducing accidental clicks on advertisements

Google’s AdWords team has highlighted three important changes to how users can interact with mobile ads and in-app interstitial ads. The changes are part of an effort to reduce the chance that a user may accidentally click an ad when browsing the web or trying to dismiss the ad. 240 more words


Money Can Buy Friends On Facebook

Money can buy you friends. At least that’s true on Facebook.


Recently I had an opportunity to collaborate on a project with a social media team who work with high-profile clients, and charge accordingly. 443 more words

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Google makes targeting the right customers using Analytics data easier

Google has a new update out to its Remarketing Lists for Search Ads product that will make it easier for marketers to use Analytics to target the right potential customers and in the process get a higher return on their advertising dollar investment. 435 more words