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Construction Administration & Management - What It's Really Like

By Don Barclay, PE, Senior Airport Engineer

Early in my civil engineering career, when I heard the words construction administration, an image that came to mind was standing in the sun on a warm summer day observing as excavators, ‘dozers, and graders built something in the dirt similar to what I did as a kid with my Tonka toys. 548 more words

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National Bike Month

By Shannon Lambert, PE, Transportation Engineer

May is National Bike Month. It is a great time to get out and ride, either for leisure or as part of our commutes. 440 more words

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New Technology in Structural Design: Improving Old Buildings

By David Swanson, PE, SE, Principal/LEED AP, F. SEI

This is the second in a two-part series; in case you missed it, here is part 1… 726 more words

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New Technology in Structural Design = Improved Efficiencies

By David Swanson, Principal, PE, SE, /LEED AP, F. SEI

This is the first in a two-part series discussing new technology in structural design. The second part will be published later in the year. 1,089 more words

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Surveying & Technology Changes

By Jim Purkey, PLS, Survey Director

We all know that the best way to do any project is to have plenty of time to plan things through from start to finish. 546 more words

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Ports ’16 – Planning a National Conference

By Shannon Kinsella, PE, PMP. Director of Waterfront Engineering

As a waterfront engineer working on a wide range of Port projects, I always look forward to the Ports conference.   693 more words

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Seattle Loves Its Ivar’s –The Renovation of Historic Pier 54

By Katherine Brawner, PE, Structural Engineering Group Project Engineer

Upgrading the seismic performance of a nearly 100-year-old, 67,000-square-foot, heavy timber building while preserving the historic character and putting a modern twist on the appearance was no easy feat.  643 more words

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