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League of Legends

By Tseveen Saruultuya

A new club has come into our school, called the league of legends club caps, created by Mr. Morales give his full name and title and a student, Max Hall, who is a junior. 704 more words

Suicide Squad Review

By Tseveendorj Saruultuya

“It’s the latest comic book wheeze: an all-villain fighting team. But too many crooks spoil the plot.” – Wendy Ide, The Guardian… 460 more words


Creations of Today

By Kade Thayer

Our school is home to many talented and experienced craftsmen and woman that make things that astonish the rest of us. Our society would have no building culture without them, and we would just have industry. 166 more words

Welcome to our new Associate Editors

Journal of Ecology is thrilled to welcome four new Associate Editors. Jane Catford (University of Southampton, UK), Han Chen (Lakehead University, Canada), Emily Farrer (Tulane University, USA) and Julieta Rosell (UNAM, Mexico) all join the… 660 more words


Resume ~ Oct. 2016


Program Repository



Watch Your Back & Don't Let 'Em Hack

There were 490,220 identity theft complaints made to the FTC in 2015, up from 332,647 (a 47% increase) in 2014 and 290,102 in 2013*1. Don’t wait until you’re a part of the 2016 figure and read on. 778 more words


Don't Play Yourself: Your Password is No Secret Code

Compromised credentials are the attack vector used in almost a quarter of all data breaches. While you might think your password is too strong and complex to be cracked, there’s a good chance that your password is a lot easier and quicker to crack than you may believe it to be. 537 more words