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Hawkinson Sculpts through Minds with Bodycon Exhibit

Using common found and store bought items, handcrafted items, or machines to make his art, California sculptor Tim Hawkinson builds his art based on his interpretation of nature, machines, mortality, the body, and human consciousness. 28 more words

Mark Dion returns to New Bedford

By Owen Lee, Staff Writer

Mark Dion, an internationally admired installation artist,  returned to his home town of New Bedford to do a symposium on his creative process on Thursday, October 12. 460 more words

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Bar-food is the best food

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer

We all need some good old comfort food in our lives. No going out to fancy restaurants to spend hundreds of dollars on small entrees. 680 more words

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The new pig on the block

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

How does crispy french fries loaded with a heaping amount of mozzarella cheese curds, crumbled linguica, drizzled with steak sauce and if that’s not enough, how about a sunny side-up egg sound? 600 more words

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UMass Engineers Without Borders improve infrastructure in Panama

By Sebastian Moronta, Staff Writer

The UMass Dartmouth Chapter of the Engineers Without Borders will be completing a six-year project in Panama this year, and will soon begin a new project in a new territory in need. 584 more words

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Call of Duty: WW2’s multiplayer beta goes back to the well, with mixed results

By Brian Harris, Staff Writer

Explosions. Gunfire. Grayscale action on an epic scale; a fast-paced ballet of M1 fire and 1940’s era destruction.  And then the ten-year-old Axis soldier calls you names over his computer microphone I dare not repeat. 728 more words

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Sky Onion pt. i

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer

To new and astonished looks, I say, “I’m just passing by; not staying long.” The faces turn to smiles, and sometimes I’m welcomed into inns or stranger’s beds. 579 more words

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