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Æbleskiver - Danish Pancakes

I inherited my mother’s Æbleskiver pan last year, but didn’t work up the courage to try it for myself until now. The pan had accumulated a bit of rust, so I rubbed it down with steel wool and then seasoned it again (rub with oil, bake upside down in 325 oven for 2 hours) to make it “non-stick”. 359 more words


Danish Days is Only a Month Away!

Got an appetite for aebleskiver, those delish Danish pancake balls? Want to hear Danish music and do street dancing? Want to meet a Viking… 152 more words


TORTICAS DE PLATANO. Koking banan kake.

Ever since this Æbleskiver-pan came home as a present from Denmark I have been dying to try one venezuelan recipe in it.

Traditionally, this pan it is used to make filled pancakes, you can use: jams, chocolate, vanilla custard, etc. 317 more words

Good Food

Aebleskiver with Almond Flour (Danish Pancake)

Aebleskiver is Danish pancake made plain or with filling. Its made in special pan called aebleskiver pan or for some of us in…..unniappam chatti!

Aebleskiver with Almond Flour (Danish Pancake) 124 more words


Eating Out in Solvang: Solvang Restaurant

As I mentioned in my overview of our trip to Solvang, the one thing I was determined to experience during the trip was aebleskiver. I knew they were like donuts (yum) and like pancakes (yum) and they seemed to generally be like fluffy goodness. 293 more words


A Surprise Soujourn to Solvang

The Boy outdid himself for my birthday this year, and amongst his gifts (remind me to tell you about the CHEESE subscription) was a mystery trip to which I was given two clues: 798 more words



Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa opposite Mozambique.  It is the fourth largest island in the world.
A stunning diversity of plant and animal species evolved after the island broke away from the African continent millions of years ago.  301 more words