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Air Quality Issues Must be Considered throughout the Construction Process - from Concept to Cleanup

Construction professionals must keep air quality in mind during projects to minimize the environmental impact of the work itself and ensure the final structure is as free of pollutants as possible. 389 more words


Reflection Week 13

What is my ideal career and how can I work towards it? What is my ‘to-be list’?

Although I have no ideal career in my mind, but I chose the course which I am more interested in for my poly year which is food science and to me is quite interesting to learn about science behind the food manufacturing and nutrition. 93 more words

Asean must take central role to ensure peace, security

Following the crucial PCA ruling on the South China Sea (SCS) conflict that went against China, by all right, in favour of the Philippines, the Asean should take a new role to cement unity among its members. 1,077 more words


My CAD/BIM Software History (clean)

CAD/BIM Software Experience – Billy Earnest 7/16/16

Early 1990’s:
As many of us did, I started on AutoCAD running on PC’s.
The first version I used was AutoCAD 10 Dos, in school. 557 more words


Defining Confined Spaces

Being aware of confined spaces and how they impact your building team is critical for any architect, engineering or construction professional. Based on OSHA’s definition, there are three key pillars to a confined space: 191 more words


Big red gets BIG rich - Hanson's handsome payday

In a windfall that’s set to prop up Pauline Hanson and turn her party from a bunch of peasant paupers to Richie Rich’s, the One Nation leader is expected to receive almost $1.2 million in funding from taxpayers. 305 more words