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Cute Aegyo-sal Look

Aegyo-sal is basically the fatty deposit underneath the lower lash line. Aegyo is a term used in Korea used to described cute, affectionate and coquettish behaviour usually by idols. 146 more words


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Kangen Daehan Minguk Manse "The Return Of Superman"


Gue lagi ngefans ngefans banget ni sama bocah bocah korea ini! Yap! Namanya Daehan Minguk dan Manse, atau lebih dikenal dengan Song Triplets. Kenapa Song? 173 more words


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#TRENDRANT: Aegyo When It's Not So Cute

We are veering towards a more serious topic today that I’ve wanted to address for a while, and it’s about the negative repercussions of the aegyo trend. 543 more words