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For those who live in Korea or Eastern Asia, you may feel the same with me on this topic. I am writing about this to see what other’s opinions are, so feel free to comment or send me a message. 342 more words


“Kya Krra Hai?”

Instead of asking what’s up, I always ask her in Hindi “Kya krra hai?” and she texts back with spontaneous gender alteration “So ke utha hu” or “Bigg Boss dekhra hu”. 573 more words


Ulzzang (얼짱) Eye and Lips Makeup

Ulzzang means best face in Korean. This makeup style shows off cute and innocence. Here are some major trends in the ulzzang style. It usually consists of the thick, straight eyebrows, puppy dog eyes, and gradient lips. 162 more words


Welcome to Korea's "Aegyo"

I heard so much about aegyo from watching interviews of Kpop Idols as well as variety shows. Aegyo is an extreme representation of a South Korean women. 164 more words

South Korea

Flirting in Korea... Does it Exist?

Dating and marriage in Korea is a little bit different than I’ve grown up thinking about it in the States. I’ve briefly skimmed some of this topic in… 941 more words

Ten things I do not miss about Korea

**Note: I wrote this post about a month ago when I returned home from Korea. Since I was busy visiting everyone I hadn’t seen and eating everything in my entire house for a month, I’m just getting around to posting. 1,193 more words


WTH is Aegyo?!

When I stepped into the world of korean, japanese and sometimes even chinese TV shows, dramas and music groups there were many things I totally didn’t understand at first – and still don’t, sometimes. 1,145 more words

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