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Olympia I.W.W. Orientation! | Sat. 5/6 3pm | Olympia Center

Hey Fellow Workers!

Are you interested in joining the Industrial Workers of the World? But not sure how to get involved.  Or maybe you want to learn more about it.  110 more words

Why Organize a Union with Your Fellow Workers?

It is only through collective action that we can, not only come together to win our demands on the job, but recognize within ourselves that we have the power to change the world around us for the better. 410 more words

Wayfinding (Pt 2)

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Last month, we discussed the importance of acquiring a compass in the life design process. In what follows, we will apply the knowledge and learn how to enable the tool with actions to find a way in life and evaluate if we are heading towards the right direction. 382 more words

Chapter Learnings

Think Happy Thoughts


Our thinking defines who we are, what we are, who we will be and what we can be. Most of the time we do not really give that much importance in thinking. 809 more words


The Desire of Socialising

Part A: Observation

On Sunday evening Chinatown was very lively, filled with people of a variety of age groups, including the elderly. Upon my observations of the older generation I found that they tended to most commonly walk in pairs, with the aid of a walking stick or with a family. 536 more words